Logitech empowers your employees with the right workspace solutions

Logitech empowers your employees with the right workspace solutions

Today, it’s plain to see that the process of workplace modernization has changed, and with good reason – the very concept of the workplace has changed. We’re entering an era of “anytime work.” For many employees, the days of battling traffic to sit in an office from 9 to 5 are gone, and instead, people are working from their homes and other remote locations. And as people start spending more time remotely, they’re going to need IT tools that can keep their everyday creativity and productivity going strong.

But the truth is, one size does not fit all when it comes to desk space solutions. Everyone works a little differently. Different people connect to different operating systems, use different desktop and UC applications, and complete a diverse set of daily tasks. The trick is to give everyone the right tools to support their individual workflows.

That’s exactly what Logitech does. Logitech understands the values of having the right tools for each employee, and they’re committed to delivering them.

Logitech understands that little things can make all the difference. For instance, did you know that simply using a mouse instead of a trackpad can increase your productivity by 50%? When you have a more ergonomically pleasing experience, you can complete tasks faster, and with less muscle fatigue. The impact is real and measurable. Logitech specializes in helping employees make upgrades like this every day.

It’s important for organizations today to support productive, healthy workspaces for their employees. All too often, employees aren’t outfitted with the necessary equipment to create an ergonomic work setup, and this can have a deleterious effect over time. A recent survey revealed that 50% of employees new to working from home are experiencing pain and discomfort in the neck, versus only 16% in office settings previously. Shoulder pain has similarly seen a sharp increase, up to 31% from 17%. When employers invest in better workspaces, they can build teams that are healthier, happier, and contribute more to the organization’s success.

Many out there would like to believe that all work solutions are created equal, but the truth is this is simply not the case. Logitech creates workplace devices that are head and shoulders above the rest. For instance, Easy-Switch gives users the ability to connect to multiple devices – such as PCs, tablets, and mobile devices – and use one or the other simply by flipping a switch. Logitech FLOW lets people mouse between multiple computers, making tasks like file transfers an absolute breeze. And advanced solutions like the Logitech MX series make battery charging simpler than ever, courtesy of USB C.

This is what Logitech does. Logitech offers an entire suite of purposefully designed desktop solutions that are reliable, suitable for any budget, and just flat-out work. And in Zones, you have the perfect business partner to help size up your IT environment, find the right Logitech solutions for you, and get you up and running quickly. With Logitech and Zones both on your side, you’ll be on your way to smarter tools, happier employees, and better performance. Connect with us today to explore this opportunity further.

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