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Adapting to a next-gen workplace requires next-gen technology

Adapting to a next-gen workplace requires next-gen technology

Over just the last couple of years, we’ve seen the concept of workplace modernization adopt an entirely new meaning, as the “workplace” as we know it has taken a decidedly different shape. Spurred by the onset of COVID-19, businesses everywhere have scrambled to adopt remote and hybrid ways of doing business. This is no longer just a quick fix to get through the pandemic – for many, it’s a permanent shift, and it’s left IT leaders looking for new technologies they can use to accommodate today’s workforce.

According to BizTech Magazine, collaboration solutions are a key part of this effort. As companies shift to new workplace models, the top priority is making sure people are still able to communicate and work together seamlessly, even if they’re in remote work arrangements. Jeffery Whittemore, vice president of IT for retailer Ulta Beauty, told the publication that he’s focused on delivering a standardized collaboration experience for everyone, across more than 1,300 locations in the United States.

“It was really important for the return to the office to make sure all the conference rooms were outfitted the same way,” Whittemore said. “We have people who really haven’t used the physical conference rooms all that much for a couple of years now. We just wanted it to be easy.”

For Whittemore, it’s been a challenge to roll out new IT solutions across roughly 30 conference rooms at once. He’s using a mix of technologies, including Microsoft Teams as a collaboration platform along with cameras, microphones, controllers and more – his goal is to deliver a rich, uninterrupted meeting experience for Ulta employees that’s equally effective both for those present in the room and those working remotely.

All across the business world, there are countless organizations undertaking efforts like this. Sometimes, they go smoothly; other times, there are logistical challenges that can impede workers from collaborating smoothly and being productive.

If you’re in this latter camp and you need a little help, you can turn to Zones. We specialize in driving digital transformation for our clients – especially right now, as the pivot to remote and hybrid work can be challenging. That’s why we offer a NextGen Workplace Services package that focuses on providing support and addressing issues in end users’ work environments. With this offering, Zones is here to be your first point of contact for all aspects of IT, including device support, application management, and more.

At Zones, we’ve got it all. We offer Mobile Device Management services to help your users use all of their devices productively and securely. We’ve got a Service Desk that’s available to assist users with any and all IT challenges. We’ve even got innovative new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Digital Experience Management, which are what make our solution truly “NextGen.”

Hybrid work is no longer the future – it’s the present. It’s happening right now. If you’re looking for a little help embracing the hybrid lifestyle, connect with a Zones Account Manager. We’ll put you on the fast track to success.

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