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Big advances in hybrid work are coming – and Logitech and Zones can help

Big advances in hybrid work are coming – and Logitech and Zones can help

One of the major IT trends to watch in 2022 is the way corporate leaders approach workplace modernization. That’s especially true because as we speak, the very definition of the “workplace” is changing dramatically.

Perhaps pre-pandemic, things were simpler – almost everyone had jobs in traditional office settings, and IT’s role was to put the best possible technology in every office. Now, though, times have changed, and corporate IT infrastructures must change as well.

According to Citrix, we can expect 2022 to be a year of “redefining work” from an IT perspective. When COVID-19 first arrived two years ago, there was a sudden shift in our mindset around how work is done – but this year, we’re all grappling with the fact that it’s no longer sudden. Companies everywhere are making significant changes to the way they do business, and they’re putting remote and hybrid employees front and center.

‘As employees return to offices, many are still clinging to all or part of their pandemic working routines,” explained Martin Creighan, Citrix’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand. “As leaders try to strike a balance between what works well for the business and employees, business leaders have an opportunity to define how an ongoing hybrid working climate will impact their workplace and overall business.”

This is the key moving forward. Many businesses in 2020 and ‘21 adopted a “remote-first” policy in response to the pandemic – and in 2022, we’re actually likely to see them do more of that, not less. The goal for IT now is to accommodate different employees with varying levels of interest in staying remote. Some people will be eager to return to the office post-pandemic; others will look to retain some of the benefits of their working-from-home lifestyle. A hybrid IT infrastructure model is the only way to keep everyone happy.

Logitech designs IT solutions to help make remote and hybrid work easier. For starters, Logi Dock is an all-in-one docking station that gives everyone a complete computing experience, even from a home office. The easy-to-use dock connects desktop peripherals and eliminates workspace clutter, and it offers employees expert-level audio, total meeting control, and a host of other features designed to help people communicate and collaborate.

As for us at Zones, we are here to play a pivotal role in the hybrid work revolution. We’ve always prioritized Workplace Modernization for our clients, and that’s doubly true now, as we enter a hybrid work era. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work for you, giving your remote employees the tools they need to succeed. And thanks to our strong partnerships with organizations like Logitech, we’re better positioned than anyone to procure those tools and help you deploy them.

To discover how Logitech and Zones can make a difference for your business, connect with us. We’ll show you what we’re capable of.

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