How the mobile revolution is impacting retail employees

How the mobile revolution is impacting retail employees

If you take a look around the business world, it’s readily apparent that workplace modernization is happening all around us, and that’s especially the case in office settings. Executives, middle managers, and many others who spend their 9-to-5 behind a desk are using modern technology to make everything they do more efficient. Mobile devices, equipped with various apps for collaboration, communication, and productivity, are changing the way business happens on a daily basis.

Recently, an interesting question has come to light – is it possible that all this modern technology could appeal to a broader audience? We’ve been focusing for a long time on how the latest devices make an impact in office settings, but as Computerworld noted, many companies are now looking at how they can help employees serving customers on the front lines as well. In industries like retail, where customer service is the name of the game, having more efficient people in these roles can make a huge difference.

“[Frontline workers are] a massive segment of workers around the world that are currently pretty drastically underserved by technology,” said Emma Williams, VP of modern workplace verticals at Microsoft. “What we are delivering is a customizable experience that really focuses on a mobile-first worker based on their role.”

This approach makes a lot of sense. Consider what happens when a customer in a retail setting asks an employee to track down a hard-to-find product. Locating the item might require getting on the phone with a warehouse staffer and asking questions, or rummaging around looking for the product oneself – a time-consuming process that pulls the employee away from other pressing tasks, not to mention leaving the customer waiting. With mobile apps for tracking inventory, however, basic processes like this can be automated and simple. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that business leaders everywhere are looking for more ways to integrate mobile.

Of course, this integration is usually far easier said than done, and IT leaders who oversee it often have many questions about the process. How do you find the right devices for employees’ needs? How do you deliver people service when they need it? What about scaling your mobile operations up or down when your staffing needs change?

For all of these concerns and more, Zones is here to help. We have a Device as a Service (DaaS) offering that’s designed to help companies procure the right devices for their employees and manage them effectively – all for a fixed price per device, per month.

The digital revolution is happening, and it’s happening across the whole enterprise – whether your people are in the office or on the front lines, they’re always going to want the latest technologies at their fingertips. Allow our expert team at Zones to supply it for you.

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