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Get the IT flexibility you need with Dell Technologies’ Flex on Demand

Organizations worldwide have faced a number of challenges in the past year, and that’s especially true in IT. Perhaps chief among those challenges has been the process of workplace modernization – in many cases, companies are no longer operating out of a “workplace” in the traditional sense, and yet they’re still tasked with getting employees the technology they need. They’re frequently managing a host of remote employees, all working from different locations and collaborating in different ways. Despite all of those logistical hurdles, they’ve got to make sure people have the IT infrastructure they need.

In a lot of cases, it’s difficult for organizations to procure exactly the technology they need. They often find themselves needing to buy excess capacity up front to ensure availability, which tends to consume more budget than necessary. During these difficult times, overspending on IT can be back-breaking for an organization. When your budget is stretched thin, the last thing you want to do is put more time or money into procuring IT than you need to. What organizations need, therefore, is a smarter and more efficient way of getting the tech resources they need.

Dell Technologies has one solution that just might work. They’re now offering Flex On Demand, a pay-as-you-use solution that’s delivered through Dell Financial Services. The concept is simple – you pay for exactly the technology you need, and you don’t have to waste a dime on anything extra. The program allows you to continue supporting your ever-changing business by making payments at flexible levels, scaling to match your actual usage from month to month. Flex On Demand will determine what hardware, software, and services will meet your needs; all you have to do is pay for what you use.

The billing process with Flex On Demand is simple and straightforward. You have two options, Technology Rotation or Technology Ownership, and either can be tailored to meet your financial needs. With Technology Rotation, you pay for a period of time to access your technology, with the option to purchase – you enjoy lower costs on average, and lifecycle management services are included as part of your subscription. If you opt for Technology Ownership, you own your IT yourself, and you’re able to spread the cost of ownership over the life of the technology.

No matter which payment plan you go with, Flex On Demand offers clear benefits for your business. The first and most obvious benefit: Cost is aligned with usage. You no longer have to worry about paying for buffer capacity you’re not using. Additionally, your business will enjoy increased agility, as Flex On Demand allows for instant deployment and usage to address all capacity spikes. Plus, the whole program is simple and easy. Dell Technologies handles all the installation, both now and in the future, and they use automated tools to monitor your usage over time.

As for Zones, we can be a crucial business partner as you get up and running with Flex On Demand. We offer assessments that help you see how your organization is managing its IT workload; this information can be vitally important as you navigate IT procurement moving forward. Additionally, we have a strong relationship with Dell Technologies that helps us deliver the IT you need, quickly and reliably. We understand the challenges that go into empowering a remote workforce today, and together with Dell Technologies, we are committed to helping you overcome them. Connect with us today, and you’ll discover this firsthand.

To get in contact with a Zones representative and learn more about Flex on Demand, just fill out the form below.

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