Cisco and Zones will help you unlock the full potential of hybrid cloud

Cisco and Zones will help you unlock the full potential of hybrid cloud

It’s no secret that the world of work is changing rapidly. It’s no longer just a temporary measure during COVID-19, it’s a long-term shift – people are moving to remote and hybrid work en masse, and companies are being forced to reevaluate the way they manage employees. They’ve got to draw up new strategies that focus on agility and mobility. And at the heart of this effort, both short-term and long, needs to be a serious emphasis on data center transformation.

The challenge today is to create a data infrastructure that truly maximizes efficiency. This is difficult because you often have a wide range of demands on your data – you’ve got people in-house, people working from home, people scattered all across the world. All of them need equal access to their files. What you’d ideally have, therefore, is a single system that bridges the gap between cloud and data center, enabling everything at once. And it should be simple, too, offering efficient, centralized management across all locations.

That’s what Cisco offers, in the form of the UCS X-Series. What you get with the UCS X-Series is the first x86 system exclusively designed for the age of hybrid cloud – it’s a platform that’s assembled in the cloud, shaped to fit your workloads, continuously optimized, and integrated with the public cloud as well. This means it’s easily moldable to fit the needs of your business and its users, no matter where they are or how they work. And with Cisco’s new X-Fabric technology, all of these hybrid cloud resources are connected at nanosecond latency. Your people will always have instant access.

A hybrid work environment is the future for all of us. We may never again return to the days of everyone working together in one office, under one roof. Instead, we’ll adapt to a new reality in which everyone is working in a distributed fashion, and they’re accessing and storing data that way, too. The Cisco UCS X-Series will play an important role in shaping that future. It breaks down the barriers of the traditional data center, helping organizations shape a data infrastructure that meets their specific workload needs.

In a perfect world, your organization would have a complete data infrastructure in which all elements – including on-prem, public cloud, private cloud, and edge computing – would exist under one common operating model, with your IT leaders having easy manageability over everything. Cisco is working to make this world possible. The goal is a “cloud smart” future in which your teams and your technology are connected, moving as fast as the market demands.

Cisco and Zones, together, are working to make this happen, just as they always have. Cisco delivers a wide range of IT solutions designed to drive operational efficiency and free up resources for your business. Their offerings are focused on everything from networking to collaboration to security to, yes, data centers – and all of them will drive results.

And as for us at Zones, we’re proud to be a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, which is the highest possible level of partnership an IT solution provider can reach. We work tirelessly to deliver Cisco solutions that will make our clients’ lives better. Connect with us, and we can start to make that happen for you.

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