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Apple® and Zones are enabling student success in higher education

Apple® and Zones are enabling student success in higher education

In every place of business – whether it’s an office, a retail storefront, or a factory floor – good IT leaders know to place an emphasis on workplace modernization. When you give people the right tech tools, you put them in position to succeed, period.

Education is no different from that. In higher ed especially, IT leaders are realizing the importance of giving people equitable access to technology resources. When you give every student and every teacher the technology to be productive, even those in remote and hybrid environments, you create better outcomes for everyone.

Nowadays, a key term that education leaders talk about is “student success.” The goal is to ensure that students not only graduate at high rates, but also leave school well positioned for a successful life. Along the way, institutions look for indicators of this success – these include student retention, educational attainment, academic achievement, and holistic development. It’s not just about grades, although grades are important – more broadly, the goal is to shape young people into well-rounded adults.

Many colleges and universities are turning to Apple devices to help them achieve all of these goals. By providing Mac®, iPad®, and other Apple products to students, they can ensure that everyone has equitable access to the tools they need. Apple offers affordability and accessibility across the whole student body, and their technology aims to create a generation of intelligent, engaged, and successful future leaders.

It’s important to note that students aren’t the only ones who need equitable access to good IT. In fact, Apple believes it’s crucial to give faculty and staff high-performing devices as well, as that helps to eliminate barriers in the academic community. When everyone has equally good technology at their fingertips, it enables students to learn and educators to teach, innovate, and inspire. And with Apple, they can all do it with the built-in apps they know and love, including Pages®, Keynote®, iMovie®, Mail, iCal, Notes, Reminders, Messages, and more.

At Zones, we are proud to play a role in this effort. Like Apple, we have always believed in the importance of student success, and we understand how crucial it is to give students the IT tools we need. That’s why we work together closely with Apple to deliver them – and why we offer a host of services designed to make those tools easier to procure, deploy, and manage.

We understand that device management has always been a challenge – and with the pandemic, the challenge is only heightened. Especially with so many students and employees today working in remote and hybrid settings, it can be difficult to get a handle on your entire IT environment. But Zones can help. We’ll get you all the Apple you need, and we’ll help you build a Modern Device Management framework to ensure your students and teachers maximize the value of their Apple devices.

If you’d like to learn more about how Apple and Zones can help you optimize device management, we've got plenty of content for you. We recently held a series of webinars that analyzed that subject in depth – check them out today, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know. 

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