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Are you integrating Apple with your employees’ work lives?

Are you integrating Apple with your employees’ work lives?

The truth about workplace modernization is that it often reflects the modernization of our personal lives. Whatever devices and apps you use in your daily life, you use them because they make you feel comfortable, productive, and just plain happy – and that means you’re likely to use them in your work life as well. So as corporate IT decision-makers go about equipping their workers with technology, it would behoove them to keep this question top of mind. What devices will keep their people the happiest?

According to Computerworld, this is exactly why Apple is poised to lead the market for business technology. Increasingly, we’re seeing generations of young people grow up with Apple devices at their fingertips all the time, and it’s inevitable that this trend will impact the way people work. A recent Piper Sandler survey found that 90% of U.S. teenagers are using iPhones today, and 88% expect their next smartphone to be made by Apple. These figures have roughly doubled between 2012 and today.

“We think these positive trends can also be a catalyst for further services growth as well, as the install base for Apple hardware continues to grow,” Piper Sandler said.

At this point, there’s no denying it – we’re moving into a Mac-first business world. And it’s important for organizations to embrace this, because it can quickly become an HR issue if ignored. These days, people’s job satisfaction is tied to their technology satisfaction, and it can be difficult for employers to retain top talent if they don’t give people the right devices.

All of this is why we at Zones do everything we can to give employees a Mac environment where they can thrive. And we do much, much more than simply help our clients procure devices – in fact, we have an entire suite of Apple Managed Services available that will help organizations modernize the workplace and optimize Apple for everyone. Our solution includes a Service Desk for handling end user issues, Mobile Device Management for your business’ fleet of Apple devices, and a range of Professional Services including help with consulting, migration, and implementation.

The bottom line is that with Apple, organizations today can unlock an entirely new world of mobility and productivity. Mac, iPad, and iPhone make it possible to empower your users, not to mention keep them happier and more engaged.

And at Zones, we are happy to assist in this effort. We’re a proud Apple partner, and we work every day to help our clients integrate Apple in the workplace. To learn more, connect with a Zones Account Manager today.

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