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Today’s employees prefer Mac – and Zones can deliver

Today’s employees prefer Mac – and Zones can deliver

When it comes time to tackle workplace modernization, corporate IT leaders today have a difficult tradeoff to consider. On one hand, it’s clear that when given a choice of workplace devices, employees prefer Mac. They appreciate the familiarity, the convenience, and the ease of use. On the other hand? Mac is an investment. It’s often difficult to weigh these considerations and make a choice that’s in the best interests of the business.

At Zones, though, we think the choice is clear. We believe that Mac is worth investing in – and we have data to back it up. According to the “Total Economic Impact of Mac” study recently conducted by Forrester Research, Mac pays for itself by driving increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Over a three-year period, Mac actually costs less than investing in equivalent Windows-based notebooks.

The power of Apple Silicon

The key is that Apple silicon chips are driving supercharged productivity like no one’s ever seen before. The latest models of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are built with the next generation of Apple silicon, and that means a faster CPU, GPU, machine learning performance, and up to 24 GB of faster unified memory. The new MacBook Air is thinner, lighter, and faster than ever, and offers a larger display, better camera, and all-day battery life. Meanwhile, the 13-inch MacBook Pro offers sustained performance for demanding business tasks.

With these new, high-performing devices at their fingertips, your employees will discover more ways to be productive and collaborate across platforms. For example, Messages allows users to edit and unsend messages across platforms, and it centralizes collaboration experiences across multiple apps. FaceTime now has the ability to hand off calls between devices. Updates to Mail include undo send and schedule send, along with improved search. And more. With Mac, employees can work productively from anywhere, with anyone.

The benefits of Zones Apple Managed Services

As for us at Zones, we are committed to helping our clients take advantage of everything Mac has to offer. We have a suite of Apple Managed Services available that will revolutionize your approach to workplace technology. With Zones Service Desk as the single point of IT contact for your end users, your teams will all be able to thrive. We've optimized our team for Apple, with certified professionals ready to support your users with everything from Modern Device Management to Advanced & Mobile POS to much, much more.

As always, our goal is to be at your service, with comprehensive and cost-effective expertise ready when you need it. With our help, you can free your IT team up to focus on more strategic initiatives, and you’ll give your bottom line a boost at the same time. When it’s time for some workplace modernization, you can count on Zones and Apple to make it happen. Connect with a Zones Account Manager today, and you’ll find out for yourself.

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