Adapting to ‘the new normal’ can present supply chain challenges

Adapting to 'the new normal' can present supply chain challenges

As we venture into the new year, workplace modernization remains a key aspect of managing IT – though perhaps this is no longer true in the traditional sense. Companies today are adjusting to “the new normal,” which means instead of modernizing their offices, they’re giving people the IT tools they need to be productive in remote settings.

Unfortunately, this is far easier said than done, and a lot of challenges can crop up along the way.

Managing IT has always been partially about managing the supply chain – the process of distributing products to their end users. But now, with so many of those end users spread out across remote locations, it’s more difficult than ever. It’s often logistically challenging and highly time-consuming for IT to handle even the most basic supply chain responsibilities, such as sending new laptops to employees who need them. Often, this exhausting work leaves IT leaders without the time and energy needed to tackle other core business initiatives.

There are a lot of challenges in supply chain management. One is managing inventory – you need to have constant visibility into which IT products you have available and which ones you’re lacking, which can be difficult under a remote work model. There are also sometimes special projects you need to execute under tight deadlines, not to mention occasional geographic challenges, such as onboarding new employees who are across the country (or the planet) from the rest of your team. For all of these reasons, it’s only natural to think about ways you can outsource the job.

Thankfully, Zones is here to help with that. With our Global Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) offering, we have the tools and processes in place to manage as much of your supply chain as you desire. We can either integrate with your existing systems or create an entirely new supply chain model from scratch. Our inventory solutions are able to monitor items and restock them predictively, using Zones’ highly advanced forecasting and scheduling algorithms. With our technology, we can handle the full range of your supply chain needs, from simple procurement to customized support of projects, lifecycle, IT asset disposition, inventory management, and logistics.

This will unlock numerous benefits for your business. First off, inventory management will be easier – you’ll have clear visibility into planning, forecasting, and replenishment, with no guesswork required. You will also enjoy easier warehousing and distribution, streamlined transportation, and highly capable management of special projects. And then there are the financial services – we take care of identifying funding sources, managing your credit, and handling all the billing paperwork. All you have to do is trust us to get the job done.

At Zones, we’re ready to get to work today. We can develop a Global Supply Chain as a Service solution that meets the needs of any organization, large or small, and that most definitely includes yours. And that’s not all – our SCaaS services are just one aspect of our larger Remote Worker Solution offering, which makes it easier than ever before to manage a distributed workforce. Whether you’re looking to onboard new employees, manage their IT, or handle any other facet of today’s “new normal,” we have what it takes to help. Reach out today, and you’ll find out firsthand.

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