5 ways Microsoft Surface can help your team succeed

5 ways Microsoft Surface can help your team succeed

Many companies this year have had to adjust to a new way of doing business, with many of their employees staying home and working remotely. Amid that ongoing trend, workplace modernization has become a key area of focus. Corporate leaders have put an emphasis on giving their people the modern tech tools they need to be successful.

Often, this effort is focused on apps – apps for communicating, apps for sharing data, for collaborating on projects, and so forth. But to be too preoccupied with apps is to put the cart before the horse – you’ve first got to have the right hardware to make all that app usage possible.

When it comes to getting the right devices for today’s on-the-go, always-mobile employee, it’s hard to do much better than Microsoft Surface. With Surface, each user gets a personal computing device that’s truly that – personal. Each device comes with flexible options that can be tailored to work the way you do, complementing your style.

When you have the right hardware at your fingertips, every day of work becomes a little easier. Let’s get into five ways that Surface devices can help your teams achieve more:

  • Guiding effective collaboration: When you have a Surface device at your fingertips, you can easily use it to share content with your team, spark new brainstorms, and drive creative work in group settings, even when remote. And with tools like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, you’ll have a familiar user experience to guide you along.
  • Driving greater productivity: A good device gives you the freedom to work wherever and however you work best, and that’s what the Surface does. With flexible input options like a touchscreen you can swipe and Surface Pen for taking notes in digital ink, not to mention an ultra-responsive keyboard, you’ll be able to work quickly and efficiently, no matter your preferred style.
  • Enabling clean communication: With Surface, you can confidently share ideas in video calls, or get quick feedback through Teams text chats, or co-create presentations using file sharing on Microsoft OneDrive. Surface gives you so many ways to work together with your teammates, every project becomes a breeze.
  • Helping you solve problems: Tackling your work is all about handling complex problems as they come – on time, and on budget, too. Surface devices and Microsoft Teams communication channels make it easier than ever to coordinate with others and work together to tackle each new challenge that comes your way.
  • Creating great memories: For those moments when it’s truly time to shine, Surface has you covered. Got a meeting with a group of partners worldwide that you need to impress? Surface is built for those moments. With bold color options, flexible form factors, and elegant design details, Surface can help you create memorable presentations that will make your ideas really pop. You’ll never have to worry about performing when it counts.

With Surface, you’ll have the devices your team needs to do its best work. And in Zones, you’ve got the right business partner to get you up and running. We have a close relationship with Microsoft, which means we can work together with them to tailor an IT game plan that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you’re looking for easy portability with the Surface Go, powerful performance with the Surface Book 2, or anything else, we can enable your organization to succeed.

Ready to find out how the Surface can elevate your team? We’ve got all the resources you’re looking for – read on.

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