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3 ways to better defend your business against ransomware

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Managing corporate IT has always been endlessly challenging, as every aspect is constantly evolving – and perhaps nothing evolves quite so quickly as the landscape with regard to security fortification. Securing your business is never just the same process repeatedly, year in and year out – the threat landscape is always changing, and it’s absolutely crucial to understand the new and emerging ways your business might be vulnerable.

According to DevPro Journal, the biggest challenge in 2022 will be an ever-increasing danger of ransomware attacks. Adrian Moir, a technology strategist at Quest, pointed to new survey data showing that the cost of dealing with a ransomware attack rose sharply last year, with ransoms that averaged $170,404 and figures on the high end upwards of $3.2 million. Clearly, it’s important for companies to adapt to the changing times and protect themselves.

“Ransomware is getting worse and becoming even more accessible to bad actors as ‘ransomware as a service’ is becoming widely available on the dark web,” Moir said. “As the ransomware scourge continues to ravage organizations across the nation, organizations are beginning to recognize that one layer of defense isn’t enough – no matter how strong it seems.”

In 2022, the most important thing your business can do is develop a more sophisticated approach to ransomware protection. Here are three strategies that can help you do that:

  • Understand the changing landscape. To combat the ransomware problem, you first have to understand it – which isn’t easy, because threats are evolving so quickly. Having a basic awareness of their evolution is the first step. What are the crucial warning signs to look for when sniffing out ransomware attacks? If your business is attacked, how can you remediate the problem quickly and avoid any disruption to your operations? How can your IT team lead in this effort, and how can the rest of your staff lend a helping hand? These are the key questions.
  • Implement data backup and recovery. Data backup can be an important piece of the puzzle. After all, if your employees have backup copies of their most essential files right at their fingertips, they’ll always be able to rebound quickly in the event of an attack and continue working productively. Ideally, your business would have everything backed up consistently, and you’d have a reliable process for recovering files at the ready, at all times.
  • Build a multi-layered defense. Perhaps just one antivirus software solution was sufficient for your business in 2002, but it’s 2022 now. You need a more sophisticated approach. If you have multiple layers of defense to protect your employees and their data, you can sleep a little easier. The more robust your protection, the easier it will be to survive out there.

Beefing up your security is an absolute must right now. And at Zones, we can help you do it. One of our core areas of focus is Security Fortification, and that’s only become more true lately, as we work to defend our clients against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

We offer a range of security measures to support you, including Security Assessments to size up your environment and Endpoint Security services that will protect every employee, every device, everywhere. Plus we’ve got a host of other offerings in between.

We would love to sit down with you and get to work on protecting your business. To get started, connect with a Zones Account Manager today.

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