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Confronting cybersecurity threats in today’s remote work environment

Adapting to a global pandemic over the last two years has changed absolutely everything about the way we do business, and that most definitely includes the way we approach security fortification. How could it not? After all, the parameters are totally different now.

It used to be simple: You had one facility, and you secured it. But that’s not the case anymore. According to our research, the onset of COVID-19 has led 90% of companies to adopt work from home policies. This means people are working anywhere and everywhere. Their endpoints are literally countless – and the security challenges for the modern business are completely different from what they used to be.

This has led IT leaders to start tackling big, existential questions. Questions such as: How does today’s remote worker operate in this “everywhere workplace?” What devices do they use, and what networks do they access? What is the appropriate process for managing their IT and keeping them secure? It’s important to note that remote work is not just a passing fad – at least 50% of employees are expected to continue working from home two days a week, or more. IT needs strategies that are built for the long haul.

And perhaps most importantly, they need to be built for security. There are many, many potential threats that are out there lurking. Phishing and pharming remain the top threat vectors for business email compromise – phishing can lead to harmful privilege escalation scenarios, whereas pharming can allow drive-by malware to grab high-value credentials and damage your business. Additionally, users of iDevices can potentially be tricked into installing suspicious or untrusted configuration profiles, which can lead to their devices being taken over without their knowledge. Your business needs a solution that will guard against absolutely everything.

Fortunately, that’s what you get with Ivanti Neurons. Ivanti Neurons is a comprehensive solution for unified endpoint management and threat defense, which means your people will be able to securely connect to your business from anywhere, and they’ll have the power to work on whatever they need, without challenges. Ivanti’s approach to security is an innovative one – Neurons can passively discover devices connected to your corporate network, identifying potential threats and protecting your users from any possible phishing or pharming attacks.

With Ivanti Neurons, you have access to a hyper-automation platform that gives you the power to secure your users’ devices in a way that’s proactive, predictable, and autonomous. The impact of this change will surely be significant. Ivanti’s research found that on average, organizations that adopt this approach can resolve up to 80% of endpoint issues before they’re even reported, and cut unplanned outages by up to 63%. When you have the ability to automatically self-heal your IT at every endpoint, you can stay one step ahead of all potential threats.

Ivanti and Zones both realize that we’ve entered the era of the “everywhere workplace.” People don’t simply work out of an office – they tackle their job responsibilities from all different places, at all different times, and their IT needs to be accommodating. That’s why Ivanti helps organizations discover, manage, protect, and service every device, from every location – and it’s why Zones is proud to be an Ivanti partner.

To dig deeper into how Ivanti’s workplace solutions can make a difference for your business, connect with a Zones Account Manager.

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