3 ways edge computing can empower smart retailers

3 ways edge computing can empower smart retailers

Across the business world, there are many IT decision-makers putting a high level of emphasis on workplace modernization. But the concept means different things to different types of organizations. What does it mean in retail? Above all, it’s about creating a smoother experience. Retail employees want their repetitive work tasks to go as smoothly as possible, and customers likewise want their transactions to be seamless.

For all of these reasons, smart retailers in 2020 are turning to edge computing.

These are turbulent times in the retail industry. Customer demand is necessitating a lot of changes – today’s buyers are eager to embrace new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), and they expect their retailers to adapt to the changing times. This means retailers must have the technology to keep up. Edge computing has this potential. It’s a new distributed computing paradigm in which data storage and computation power are brought closer to the locations where they’re needed most. In other words, to the edge.

Let’s take a look at three ways this can bring your business into the era of smart retail:

  • Efficiency behind the scenes: Everything retail employees do involves data – they need constant access to data about their inventory, their pricing, and their HR framework. Edge computing brings people closer to the information they need, making each day at work more efficient. IoT-driven technologies such as RFID, real-time point of sale, and smart shelving may have seemed unrealistic at one point, but now, they’re feasible.
  • A smoother customer experience: Customers in retail environments always want fast answers to their questions: “How quickly can I get this item?” “How much will it cost?” Thanks to edge computing, it’s easier than ever to tap into this information, which means the purchasing process will be smoother and people will be more likely to become loyal customers in the long run.
  • New potential revenue streams: With better data access, retail organizations can transform their ability to bring in more revenue. They can use data to drive synchronization between their in-store, online, and mobile customer bases – eventually, the three will all become one and the same, which means far more opportunities for cross-selling and growing their business.

For unlocking all of these benefits and more, one fantastic option is Data Center at the Edge, a new offering from Dell Technologies. With Dell Technologies’ solution for edge computing, your business can infuse agility, intelligence, and flexibility into its retail operations, optimizing your current ways of earning revenue and unlocking new ones to boot.

And at Zones, we have all the IT expertise needed to help you usher in this digital transformation smoothly. In fact, we specialize in Store & Branch Modernization – we work with retail businesses like yours to deploy new solutions wherever and whenever they’re needed. Whether it’s the latest edge computing technologies from Dell Technologies or anything else on your IT wish list, we’re here to deliver for you.

Want to keep exploring our Dell Technologies offerings? We can help with that.

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