Zones and Windows Autopilot are a match made in heaven

by Andrew Warren

Zones and Windows Autopilot are a match made in heaven

In the modern workplace, endpoint device management has proven to be one of the most complicated aspects of workplace modernization. Deploying new Windows devices, for instance, is often challenging – custom images have to be built, managed, and implemented to get everything ready for new users. This is especially tough nowadays, as companies face the challenge of supporting a remote workforce. Manual setup is now more cumbersome than ever, and it takes away time and resources that could be better spent on other vital projects.

Thankfully, a solution to this problem has emerged, and it’s zero-touch deployment. This cloud-based technology is changing the standard delayed provisioning process into a more automated and user-friendly approach. In the current work environment, with millions more people working from home than were previously, zero-touch deployment makes it far easier to set users up with the right devices and ensure that they maintain security as well.

Microsoft in particular has been an innovator in this space. Microsoft’s solution for zero-touch deployment, Windows Autopilot, is a combination of technologies that allow for fast and secure deployment and control of new Windows 10 devices. All your workers need to do is receive their devices and log on, and Windows Autopilot helps transport all their personalized backgrounds, apps, and data to them in just minutes. For companies with hundreds or even thousands of users, having this solution in place can help them save considerable time, expense, and productivity.

This can have a significant positive effect on your business. When you give people the technology they need to work more efficiently, they won’t just be more productive – they’ll be happier, too. They’ll also face decreased security risk due to enterprise-grade security settings, data encryption, and automatic updates. You’ll also have the capability to remotely lock or clear devices if they’re ever lost or stolen. All of this will help free your organization to focus on higher-value activities.

Thanks to Microsoft and Zones, getting started with zero-touch deployment has never been easier. Zones can quickly drop-ship new Windows 10 devices directly to your workers, and they’ll be ready to use right out of the box. This means you’ll have the agility and adaptability to achieve more while keeping your remote workers empowered and enabled. We can optimize your devices for use, plus reset, repurpose, and recover them when needed. It’s never been simpler to put modern Windows devices into the hands of your remote workforce.

Not only that, but we’ll make sure the deployment process is highly efficient, too. At Zones, we have best-in-class integration centers across the U.S. that can extract device data straight from the procurement stream and drop-ship equipment straight to your end users. We also work directly with device OEMs to secure the information needed to enroll in your new devices. We can also accelerate your journey into modern device management.

Want to learn more about how you can adopt zero-touch deployment? You’re welcome to join us for a complimentary Windows Autopilot Technical Briefing. To get started, all you’ve got to do is contact your Zones Account Manager – or email, or visit the link below.

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Andrew Warren is a partner marketing manager for Microsoft and DC ISVs.