Zebra delivers the tools you need for positive patient ID

Zebra delivers the tools you need for positive patient ID

One of the primary drivers of workplace modernization is the need to get employees the information they need – quickly, reliably, every single time they need it. Whether you’re talking about new mobile devices, cloud platforms, or collaboration tools, the goal is the same – it’s all about fast access to data.

Healthcare is no exception to that. Even before 2020 brought an entirely new host of challenges, it was already the case that positive patient identification (PPID) was a major area of focus for healthcare teams worldwide. From admission to discharge, it’s always been vitally important to accurately access and confirm essential patient information throughout the entire care journey.

That was already the case under normal circumstances. And now, during a pandemic, medical professionals are dealing with massive increases in their workloads – they have large volumes of specimens to test, and they’re under significant pressure to get results as fast as possible. And there’s no margin for error here, as specimen identification errors at this stage can be catastrophic. It’s therefore crucial for healthcare organizations to have solutions that minimize errors while also protecting patient rights.

Zebra is one partner that’s here to deliver that technology. Zebra’s process for PPID integrates many devices – including hospital wristband printers, label printers, mobile computers, and barcode scanners – that are all designed specifically for healthcare environments. Let’s zoom in on two areas in particular where Zebra’s PPID infrastructure really shines.

  • Drive-through specimen collection: At its most basic, a drive-through technology solution requires labels, printers, readers, and a way to communicate and collaborate with other members of your team. Zebra delivers on all of the above. Their TC52-HC mobile computers, designed specifically for healthcare, are great for capturing barcodes. Their Workforce Connect solution makes it easy for healthcare professionals to communicate and collaborate, and from there, ZD510-HC printers can print barcode patient wristbands and Zebra’s specimen barcode labels will ensure that everything is marked properly.
  • Laboratory specimen management: Operational efficiency is crucial to lab performance, as a delayed identification of a single specimen can slow down the entire operation. Thankfully, Zebra’s printing and scanning solutions are designed for lab environments, and they can get the job done. The DS8100-HC scanner series makes it easy to capture barcode data quickly, and Zebra’s printers for both mobile and desktop will deliver high-quality labels and other materials quickly and reliably. In addition, Zebra’s Link-OS intelligent printer operating system unlocks a number of advanced connectivity capabilities.

At Zones, we are happy to help guide you on your digital transformation journey as you adopt these solutions. We have always believed passionately in Workplace Modernization, and that’s doubly the case when it comes to healthcare organizations in 2020. We understand the importance of having highly efficient, reliable technology in the healthcare business, for PPID and for everything else. Thanks to our knowledge, our experience, and our strong relationships with partners like Zebra, we’re ready to deliver for you.

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