You can streamline software licensing with a cloud SAM solution

You can streamline software licensing with a cloud SAM solution

In the quest to keep employees productive and businesses profitable, workplace modernization has always been a key piece of the puzzle. Specifically, it should be a priority to give people the right software to tackle the right business challenges at the right times. If you do that, your people will inevitably be in a better position to succeed.

But in 2020, that’s gotten much more difficult to do. As social distancing guidelines have taken over our daily lives, remote work has become a widespread phenomenon, and that’s had a number of unexpected effects on people’s daily routines. Software procurement is part of that. People still need a wide range of apps to tackle their work responsibilities every day, but how can they get their hands on those apps? That’s the part that’s changing.

Times are tough right now. We’re in a difficult economy, with many companies forced to make tough choices about laying off workers. The challenge for many organizations is to do more with less. This means it’s no longer an option for IT leaders to inefficient processes in place for managing software licenses. They need to do everything the “quick and clean” way, with no wasted money or manpower. And given that remote work may be the norm for a long time, they need solutions that are built to last, not merely quick fixes.

Many companies have made up their minds on this issue, and they’ve come to a common conclusion: that cloud-based Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions represent the best possible way to keep their data secure, their users productive, and their costs low in 2020. Cloud SAM is an automated platform used for the procurement, deployment, and management of an organization’s software licenses, from inception to disposition. It’s a system designed for streamlining spend, eliminating waste, mitigating risk, and ensuring compliance.

With SAM on your side, your organization can overcome a lot of IT difficulties that were previously common. For example: How many times have you had a software license expire at an inopportune time, or roll over when you didn’t want it to? This sort of problem used to be a regular occurrence, but when you automate the process, it goes away. Similarly, how often have you worried about security gaps? In many cases, criminals find their way into an organization’s infrastructure through security gaps caused by poorly managed cloud software. With SAM, that won’t happen.

When you adopt a more efficient process for cloud management, it should have an immediate impact on your organization. Your users will be able to access their cloud apps quickly and securely, and they’ll be able to manage financial, inventory, and licensing functions all under a single umbrella. This will keep your business streamlined for the long haul – both now, while workers are largely remote, and in the future, if and when they return to the office.

To get started, all you need is a business partner that can help you develop and implement a custom-made SAM solution. And when you work with Zones, that’s exactly what you’ll get. First, we’ll assess your current environment to give you an end-to-end snapshot of your cloud usage, and from there, we’ll build you a solution that’s designed with your organization’s specific needs in mind. Adapting to a remote, cloud-based business model isn’t always easy – but with our help, you’ll soon be on the fast track to success.

At Zones, we can help you with every aspect of Workplace Modernization. It’s what we do best. Read all about it today.

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