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Why and how to migrate your business to Adobe Document Cloud

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Over these last couple of years, many corporate leaders have figured out that the need for workplace modernization is more pressing now than ever.

With so many people working in remote and hybrid environments, it’s important to take traditional work processes and digitize them so people can work together – efficiently – no matter where, when, or how they work. It’s crucial for IT departments to find solutions that make this possible, and one prime example of this is Adobe Document Cloud.

Why migrate now?

Here’s the issue that many organizations today are up against: They need faster, more reliable processes. If your teams are still bogged down by paper-based processes – printing documents, signing them manually, scanning them, emailing them – it’s important to digitize. This is why many businesses are looking for solutions that help them increase efficiency, reduce human error, and create intuitive digital experiences that run smoothly from end to end. In other words, they’re upgrading from tools like Adobe Sign to next-generation solutions like Document Cloud.

Adobe Acrobat DC, with Document Cloud services built in, is the complete PDF workflow solution. It combines Acrobat desktop software with the Acrobat Reader mobile app, plus Document Cloud services, giving users a complete suite of document management tools that will drive efficiency and increase productivity throughout the organization. It expedites everything from PDF software administration to license management to deployments, updates, and upgrades. In short, it makes everyone’s lives easier.

How to make the transition

Is your organization ready to move away from a serialized licensing tool and commit fully to Acrobat DC with Document Cloud? Here’s a five-step process that’s proven to work:

  • Set up the Adobe Admin Console.
  • Configure your proxy and firewall settings.
  • Assign your users.
  • Uninstall previous versions of Acrobat and cancel old licenses.
  • Deploy Acrobat DC!

Moving to Acrobat DC can be a grind – but if you have a process that works, and reliable people managing that process, you can pull it off. And ultimately, your business will benefit.

As for us at Zones, we are eager to help. We have a finger on the pulse of the Adobe climate – we know when old tools are going obsolete, when new solutions can help, and how you can make that transition work for you. Connect with us today – we’ll help you discover the latest Adobe tools and use them to drive results for all of your employees, including those in remote and hybrid situations. Let’s get to work.

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