What is Intel vPro, and do you need it in your PC?

What is Intel vPro, and do you need it in your PC?

For corporate IT leaders, there’s always been a focus on workplace modernization, because it’s a great investment – when you give people better devices and apps at work, you get better productivity back.

But over time, this investment has become harder and harder to make. To be successful in the world today, people need a particular kind of technology. They need devices that offer heavyweight capabilities, yet lightweight design. They need productivity, but portability. To be happy and productive from truly anywhere, you need IT that’s the perfect fit.

On many spec sheets today, Intel’s vPro business computing platform is a common component that shows up. As you’re perusing the modern technology options available to your users, you’ll see it again and again. Everyone knows the name – but few are well versed on the details. What is Intel vPro, really? What does it do? And do your employees really need it on their PCs?

All good questions, and worth taking a moment to answer. For starters: vPro is an integrated, validated platform that offers built-in features to improve your PC’s performance, security, manageability, and stability. It’s designed to make your machine better right away, immediately out of the box, no setup required. In short, what you get from vPro is a scalable, reliable foundation for growth and continuity. Your users can tackle even the most challenging modern workloads with devices that offer business-class performance.

Going with vPro offers immediate, tangible benefits. “Business-class performance” isn’t just a buzzword – it has a clear and measurable impact. For example, vPro users have demonstrated 52% better performance with Microsoft Office than other PC users, as well as 41% faster Office productivity. Video editing is one area in particular where workers can become more efficient – the process has shown to be 2.5 times faster with vPro. When you start adding up all these advantages, they’ll have a strongly positive impact on your business.

Each individual user will notice this impact. For employees, vPro will make its mark right away – people will be able to power their work from anywhere with confidence, and they won’t have to worry about data security. Their user experience will be well designed, well secured, and highly collaborative. Not only do vPro-powered devices operate beautifully in a vacuum, but they also work well with one another, meaning employees can team up and tackle projects together with a seamless technology experience.

When it comes to modernizing the workplace – and the whole work experience – for your employees, you can count on Intel vPro. You can also count on Zones, as well as our entire ecosystem of partners. Whether it’s Intel with vPro, HP with their premium devices, Microsoft with Windows 10, or Zones with our vast array of IT services, all of us are doing our part to make life better for you and your employees. Together, we can pave the way to a brighter IT future for your organization. Connect with us today to explore this further.

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