Set your remote teams up for success with Microsoft 365 services

Set your remote teams up for success with Microsoft 365 services

When the pandemic first began earlier this year and employees began working from home, it necessitated major changes to many organizations in terms of workplace modernization. Suddenly, we needed all sorts of new solutions for meeting and collaborating on projects remotely.

At first, these changes were believed to be temporary – many of us thought we could ride out COVID-19 for a few weeks, then return to the office and continue working like we always have. But as it’s become clear that we’re permanently entering an era of “remote everything,” we’re starting to see some more substantive, long-term changes to the ways companies do business.

Many of these changes are powered by Microsoft 365. Employees today often spend all day, every day collaborating with their teammates in Microsoft Teams, and they benefit greatly from the full breadth and depth of Microsoft 365, which offers a wide range of productivity apps and experiences that help them get work done. According to Microsoft, M365 and Teams recently passed 115 million daily active users, a figure that is still climbing.

“Understanding where our customers are headed is a big part of how we’re shaping our future,” said Tom McKee, chief information officer at Kennametal. “We couldn’t do that without a corresponding digital, agile, and mobile workplace built on Microsoft 365.”

Added Denise Owens, senior IT director at Office Depot: “No matter what part of the business we support or where we are located, we use Teams and the rest of the Microsoft 365 platform to best communicate with customers and engage with our associates.”

It’s clear that Microsoft 365 has the potential to streamline everything your workforce does, especially now with so many people working remotely. And here’s another thing that’s crystal clear: At Zones, we have the capability to help. Our suite of Managed Services can help your business in myriad ways, and those include Microsoft 365​ services designed to help your organization make the most of Microsoft’s latest business solutions.

We understand at Zones how difficult it is for companies to manage IT. Our own research has revealed that 65% of companies right now say their budgets are exhausted simply by trying to “keep the lights on.” That’s why we’re trying to ease the burden on everyone, and one way we do that is by offering Microsoft 365​ Managed Services that will make adoption, deployment, and everyday use of Microsoft 365​ far easier for everyone. In addition to that, Zones is a certified Cloud Solution Provider, which means we can deliver premier support to organizations looking to run M365 apps in the cloud.

When it comes to Workplace Modernization, we’re here to lend support to clients of all shapes and sizes. Whether your organization is large, small, public, private – you name it – we have the capabilities to develop a Managed Service offering that meets your needs. To learn more about the services we can offer, all you’ve got to do is get in touch with us.

When it comes to Workplace Modernization, we’ve got a wealth of expertise – keep exploring our website to get all the details.

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