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Securing your business starts with understanding your vulnerabilities

In the last two years, we’ve seen businesses everywhere face a lot of challenges. They’ve been through a global pandemic, an economic recession, staffing shortages, supply chain interruptions, and more. But there’s one thing that hasn’t been disrupted at all, and that’s the cyberthreat landscape. Threats are still out there, lurking, posing a threat to your business and everyone else’s. That means your need for security fortification is still as pressing as ever.

According to Forbes Technology Council, cyberattacks are continuing to rise every year. In the first half of 2021, for example, we saw a 125% increase in incidents year-over-year. And the cost of dealing with a single data breach, on average, runs to about $3 million. These statistics are alarming – and yet Jim Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Trava Security, says that not nearly enough companies are taking steps to identify their vulnerabilities and protect themselves.

“Businesses know this risk is universal,” Goldman explained. “They know they are unprotected. Why do they fail to act? In speaking with SMB owners and executives around the country, I discovered that for many, there is confusion over what cyber risk management actually is, and that confusion is preventing them from taking action.”

The onus is on every organization to establish a cyber policy that works for them. This policy should be well-crafted to meet the specific needs of the business, and it should have clear standards and procedures that everyone can follow. There should be a list of policy guidelines – “dos and don’ts” that establish the organization’s big-picture security philosophy – as well as step-by-step procedures dictating how IT professionals should enforce security rules and carry out data protection and disaster recovery processes.

But before your business can even begin that whole rigmarole, there’s a crucial first step: identifying your vulnerabilities. Where might your organization be weak? What networks, what devices, what endpoints could hackers plausibly be targeting? Before you even begin to protect your business, you need to understand what the risks are and what the impact might be, in the event of an attack.

At Zones, we can help with this process. We have a particular focus on Security Fortification across our business, and we specialize in helping client organizations figure out where they’re vulnerable and identify best practices for protecting their IT infrastructure and their users. Whether your employees are remote, in-office, or a little bit of both, data security is of the utmost importance no matter what. With the experts from Zones on your side, you’ll have a leg up in the security battle.

To find out how Zones services can help protect your business, connect with us today.

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