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Networking today presents major challenges – do you need some help?

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For business IT decision-makers, it’s never been a bad time to make network optimization a focus. Having a high-functioning network has always been essential – with a strong network, you can keep your people connected, keep them communicating, and keep them achieving at a high level.

But nowadays, network challenges are particularly vexing. Because companies today have so many people working remotely, accessing different network resources from different locations, it’s tougher than ever to make sure everyone has access – and to make sure they’re secure, too.

For a lot of businesses, this is a real cause for alarm right now. Parks Associates recently conducted a study into IT leaders’ attitudes on the matter, and the organization found that 68% of them are currently concerned about cybersecurity vulnerabilities at their locations. These individuals reported a dire need to revamp their network management solutions and implement new infrastructures that are more functional and more secure.

“COVID-19 has affected businesses all over the world, and as a result, many companies have to extend their networks into households to allow their employees to work at home,” said Jennifer Kent, senior director at Parks Associates. “These circumstances also introduce a variety of new connected devices to the business network, each of which can affect performance and expand cybersecurity risks. Managing and securing their networks are top priorities.”

So what can be done? Companies right now can definitely make an effort to invest in better networking resources. And indeed, this is happening in many cases. Parks Associates found that 38% are likely to purchase new Wi-Fi networking equipment within the next six months, and 37% are likely to invest in better data security.

But let’s be honest: For a lot of businesses today, investing in a better network is daunting. How do you spend your money? How do you best allocate your IT team’s manpower? There are so many directions you can turn – it’s overwhelming.

At Zones, we are happy to assist with that process. We offer an array of Network Managed Services​ that are designed to help you keep your people connected and productive at all times. Our Network Management offering includes software-defined networking services that will make it easier to optimize security, as well as handle cloud delivery, traffic engineering, and upgrade cadence. On top of that, our Network Operations Center is available to monitor your network, data centers, applications, and power devices, 24/7/365.

We’ve always considered Network Optimization to be a key piece of the puzzle at Zones – and in 2020, we understand that the challenges you face are only becoming greater. By working together, we can overcome them. Connect with us today, and you’ll discover all the services you need to keep your network strong and your people productive.

Want to learn more about how we can help with Network Optimization? You’re in the right place – just read on.

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