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Protect your business and your data with Zones Backup as a Service

As people around the world adjust to the new reality of remote and hybrid work, there’s perhaps no one adjusting more than corporate IT leadership. They’ve had to put a lot of emphasis, understandably, on data center transformation – if you can transform the way people store and access data, you can transform the way they work. That’s essential to business success today. It’s for this reason that solutions like Microsoft 365 have become so prominent, as they help companies to manage the entire work experience with ease.

There’s just one problem, though: ransomware. Attacks are everywhere. According to recent Cybercrime Magazine research, one occurs somewhere in the world every 11 seconds – and nearly half of all attacks target small businesses. When attacks do happen, they tend to cause massive amounts of financial damage, not to mention forcing businesses to spend months of their time recovering their lost data. For all of these reasons, it’s clear – effective data backup is crucial.

When you use a solution like Microsoft 365, you might assume that you’re already covered where backup is concerned – but sadly, you’d assume wrong. While Microsoft does provide a wide array of powerful services in M365, a comprehensive backup of your data is not one of them. There are plenty of gaps in their backup process, and the burden of filling in these gaps falls to you and you alone. What you need is a service that will protect your data, giving you quick and easy access to relief against ransomware and other attacks.

That’s exactly what Zones delivers. We developed Zones Backup as a Service (BaaS) as a way to help our clients protect their Microsoft 365 data quickly and easily. Zones BaaS is a complete solution, built on Microsoft Azure, that gives our clients an “easy button” for backup and recovery. It’s both affordable and easy to use, and it gives the user end-to-end coverage for their data, filling in gaps that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to fill themselves.

Adopting our solution for data backup and recovery can bring your business a great deal of flexibility. Zones BaaS offers you a wide range of malleable ways for backing up your data, and you have the freedom to pick and choose whatever approach that will meet your needs. Aside from flexibility, another key benefit is compliance – it will be far easier to meet legal and compliance requirements with Zones BaaS, as you have access to efficient e-discovery for all of your files.

At Zones, this is what we do best. We have a constant focus on helping our clients pursue their Data Center Transformation goals – we understand that changing your data management approach for the better is crucial right now to running a successful business. We want to do everything we can on that front to help your organization thrive, and that most definitely includes looking after your data backup infrastructure. To learn more about Zones BaaS, or any other service we provide that can assist in your digital transformation, all you’ve got to do is connect with us.

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