Reduce downtime without falling off the edge.

Downtime at the edge costs businesses roughly $8.7 million in revenue each year. That’s enough to push just about anyone off the edge and into the red.

How can you keep your balance up when the threat of downtime comes knocking? You’ll need more than just an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) – you’ll need visibility and management tools for your UPS, too.

Start with a smarter power supply. APC Smart-UPS from Zones has energy to spare, even when facing down demanding workloads on the edge. And with SmartConnect enabled, a whole new world of options opens up.

Secure, remote monitoring.
Connected Smart-UPS devices support remote monitoring through a secure web portal. That gives you direct insight into your power infrastructure – wherever you are, whenever you want it. You’ll even be notified when your devices are at risk of downtime, letting you address problems before they occur.

Proactive lifecycle alerts.
Proactive alerts for firmware upgrades, device maintenance, and warranty protection help you maximize the lifespan of your UPS and ensure you stay powered as long as you need to.

Cloud enabled.
New Smart-UPS models come cloud-enabled and with an Ethernet port built-in. Every device is configured to make UPS monitoring online as easy and affordable as possible.

Walking on the edge can be taxing, but there’s no need to worry about losing your balance – Zones is here to walk you through every step involved in powering your edge environment.

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