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4 benefits of virtualizing your SQL server environment with Dell Technologies

By Keith Watts

Managing corporate IT is more challenging right now than it’s ever been. Typically, it involves handling a wide range of employees who are looking to be productive in a wide range of ways. Some are using company machines, while others are using their own devices; some are in the office, while others are remote. Still others are in hybrid arrangements. All of this means there’s a lot of data flying around – and therefore, there’s a lot of pressure on IT to usher in data center transformation. How can you build an infrastructure that lets employees stay nimble, agile, and productive from anywhere?

There are many benefits to virtualizing SQL servers. For starters, it tends to simplify operations. Your infrastructure becomes more efficient, which leads to lower infrastructure costs, and you’re also able to standardize skill sets for easier management across the board. On top of that, security is a major plus. A SQL-powered environment provides consistently high levels of availability, and it simplifies disaster recovery as well.

At Zones, we believe that virtualization – and, specifically, Dell Technologies’ approach to virtualized SQL servers – represents a major opportunity for your business. Let’s take a closer look at four reasons why.

  • A strong foundation. With Dell’s SQL servers, you’re able to establish a strong foundation for supporting virtualized environments. Especially if your business is expanding – incorporating new employees, new devices, or new locations – it helps to have strong IT building blocks in place that you can start from.
  • Robust data storage. If your business is like most, the sheer volume of data you need to manage right now is staggering. But with Dell Technologies’ help, you can have a storage architecture that guarantees high-capacity, high-performance, reliable storage. Problem solved.
  • Insights from all your data. One of the major selling points for a Dell SQL environment is that it delivers transformational insights from both structured and unstructured data. Especially nowadays, when it takes data of all kinds to run a successful business, this level of versatility can be a huge plus.
  • Flexible deployment options. When it comes time to get your SQL environment up and running, it’s good to call your own shots about how best to do that. Fortunately, Dell’s approach offers a wide range of choices when it comes to SQL server deployment and consumption models. Every business has its own unique needs, but Dell Technologies can accommodate everyone.

Dell Technologies is committed to driving innovation through real IT modernization. And in Zones, you’ve got the business partner you need to get up and running with Dell Technologies right away. Dell and Zones both understand that ongoing innovation is crucial to business success today, and we’re both committed to giving you the best and brightest new technologies you need to thrive, including SQL servers and more. Connect with us today to discover how we can lead your business forward.

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