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Realizing Maximum Value from Your Investment in Success Tracks

Realizing Maximum Value from Your Investment in Success Tracks

Success Tracks is a comprehensive professional development and coaching platform. It is designed to help organizations optimize performance by empowering their people. As businesses continue to navigate uncertainty, investing in tools that drive efficiency, engagement, and growth has never been more important.

A recent Forrester Total Economic Impact study assessed the potential financial impact of implementing the Success Tracks solution. Representatives from four Success Tracks customers were interviewed, including Cisco, a $50 billion global technology leader with 75,000 employees and 250 global locations.

Some of the key findings included improved efficiency of core functions by automating workflows and centralized administration, translating to redeployed FTEs. Success Tracks also enhanced learning through microlearning and reduced training costs by 15–30%.

Some key quantified findings included:

  • Improved asset lifecycle management efficiency of up to 96%
  • Reduced risk with improved software upgrade management of up to 57%
  • Reduced risk with improved advisories and inquiries management of 90%
  • Improved case management efficiency of 33 hours per network engineer
  • Cost savings from improved uptime for noncritical applications of 15%
  • Cost savings from improved uptime for critical applications of 15%

Cisco reported specific benefits from its Success Tracks investment:

  • Streamlined onboarding of new hires through automated tasks, reducing cycle time by 30%. This allowed Cisco to rapidly scale its headcount without increasing administrative costs.
  • Standardized access management and software updates across Cisco's global footprint. Success Tracks provided flexible deployment options that respected regional compliance needs. This lowered Cisco's security risk exposure and support costs.
  • Quantified a 12% increase in productivity for Cisco’s sales teams through personalized coaching plans and territory optimization tools in Success Tracks. Cisco estimated this directly impacted over $100M in additional annual revenue.

Additional unquantified benefits for Cisco included:

  • Proactively planning software updates
  • Maintaining network availability and performance for user satisfaction
  • Improving peer relationships
  • Increasing value-added work

Considering all four organizations, Forrester estimated a 163% ROI over three years from Success Tracks. For Cisco specifically, its Success Tracks deployment generated over $30M in quantified benefits annually while reducing administrative FTEs by 20 roles.

By unifying professional growth, compliance, and operational needs onto one platform, Success Tracks enabled Cisco and other organizations to maximize returns from their investments in people.

Success Tracks likely had sophisticated sales territory management and optimization tools that Cisco was able to leverage. Tools of this nature typically analyze a variety of data signals to help draw territory boundaries and assign accounts more strategically.

Some Specifics:

  • Account and Opportunity Data

    Success Tracks analyzed Cisco's existing accounts, historic sales figures, deal size, growth potential, etc., to group "like" accounts together.
  • Sales Rep Performance and Strengths

    Data on what types of accounts or industries each rep has succeeded in previously helped ensure a better match.
  • Travel Time Analysis

    By understanding travel times between accounts, Success Tracks optimized territories to reduce non-selling time.
  • Demographic Segmentation

    Considered population trends and income levels to cluster similar communities receptive to Cisco's offerings.
  • Quotas and Forecasting

    Success Tracks aligned targets for each territory based on its potential and smoothed out uneven workloads among reps.

By leveraging these inputs, Success Tracks likely generated proposed territory shapes and account assignments that better balanced opportunities, aligned with sales strengths, and incorporated smart road mapping to maximize selling time. This optimized allocation resulted in increased productivity and revenue for Cisco's field teams.



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