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Optimize workloads and achieve data management success with Dell Technologies

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As the world quickly transitions to a work paradigm built around remote and hybrid employment, there’s been a lot of pressure on IT to focus on data center transformation. This is understandable – to be successful today, employees need an IT infrastructure that’s agile and responsive, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly and work productively from anywhere. It all starts with having reliable access to their data.

Having said that, reasonable people can disagree on how best to design an IT infrastructure that manages data effectively. One common problem you see is IT departments that over-diagnose their data management needs, leading them to spend more funds on hardware than they really need to. Then again, underspending is no good either, as you may have to deal with gaps in your infrastructure. No – the best method is one that’s workload-based, giving you a consumption model that’s flexible and helps you adapt quickly to your business’ ever-changing needs.

Dell Technologies can help you size up your environment and prepare for such a model. With Live Optics Assessment Tool, Dell Technologies offers a free online process that you can use to collect, visualize, and share data about how your workloads are allocated and how your IT environment is performing overall. These insights will help you better understand your users’ needs so that, when it comes time to revamp your data architecture, you have clear visibility into your project requirements and can make smart decisions.

At Zones, we are proud to say that we are one of a handful of authorized Co-Delivery Titanium Partners for Dell Technologies. That means, if you need a Live Optics assessment, or any other Dell-related services or deployments, all you’ve got to do is connect with us, and we can deliver on cue.

This can benefit your business in myriad ways. One is reduced delivery risk – when you’ve got a partner you can trust to get you the IT goods and services you need, the process is reliable, and you can sleep easy. On top of that, our depth of expertise means extended IT capabilities for you, as well as a high level of services collaboration among you, Dell Technologies, and Zones. Plus, with ProDeploy Plus added on, you can enjoy extra benefits such as 30-day post-deployment configuration assistance.

Dell Technologies and Zones are proud of the work we do together. As a team, we work to help clients everywhere to optimize workloads and drive business innovation from end to end. We’ll guide you through the entire process – sizing up your environment, identifying strengths and weaknesses, understanding your workloads, and ultimately designing a data management solution that will meet your people’s needs. To further explore all of this and more, connect with us today.

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