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Dell Technologies and Zones present a one-stop shop for the data center

It’s now been over a year since the world shifted dramatically – people began working remotely by the millions, and organizations started to seriously rethink the way their employees collaborate and tackle projects. We’ve seen all sorts of ripple effects stemming from this – including, notably, a major impact on data center transformation.

How are you supposed to manage data in this modern environment? Where should it live? Who should be able to access it – and how, and from where? These are all crucial questions for organizations to answer as they move forward, and by and large, that work is still in progress.

The truth is that companies today are often dealing with burgeoning levels of complex data, which leaves them struggling not only to manage everything today, but to dynamically scale and future-proof their infrastructure for tomorrow. In these cases, what IT needs more than anything is a comprehensive way to reimagine data management – one that provides full coverage for anyone and can give them peace of mind about the future.

Dell Technologies is in that business. By investing in Dell EMC PowerEdge MX, organizations can build a new infrastructure that will give them everything – high performance along with modular compute, storage, and networking resources that are designed to grow and evolve as they do. A PowerEdge infrastructure offers a unique kinetic design, allowing users to break free from technology silos and rid themselves of time-consuming operational management work. Instead, they can dynamically assign compute and storage resources to meet their needs in an optimal way.

Going this route offers many benefits. One is a flexible architecture – you’ll be able to manage IT using shared pools of disaggregated resources, which will help you respond to your changing needs dynamically as they come. Similarly, you’ll have agile management capabilities that should accelerate operations and drive greater team productivity. On top of that, the technology’s responsive design provides a high level of investment protection, and the cyber-resilient architecture will help keep your business secure.

You can go even one step further in revamping your IT infrastructure when you team up with the dynamic duo of Dell Technologies and Zones. Dell provides a full solution for data management, keeping you covered from your desk to the data center; in Zones, you get a wide range of services to ensure your IT management goes smoothly. Our Server Assessment service will help you size up your environment, better understanding your strengths and weaknesses; our Co-Deploy and Data Center Infrastructure Rack & Roll offerings will help get you up and running.

At Zones, we’ve always been committed to helping our clients through the process of Data Center Transformation. We understand that staying competitive in business requires being willing to change, and that’s especially the case nowadays. And thanks to our strong partnership with Dell Technologies, we are uniquely well positioned to drive positive change for your business where the data center is concerned. Connect with us today, and we’ll start to guide you through this journey.

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