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Cisco Digital Network Architecture

Legacy business processes are becoming increasingly digital, requiring fast and flexible network services to facilitate and support them. On top of that, business leaders and the IT professionals who run them are under pressure to accelerate adoption of big data, mobile, cloud, video, and IoT technologies.

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) gives you a clear and efficient way forward. DNA centers around a network infrastructure that is not only fully programmable and open to third-party innovation, but can also fully and seamlessly integrate the cloud as an infrastructure component.

For digital businesses – as well as those making the transition –  success depends on agility. That means rapid time to market, immediate insight, quick turnarounds, and even faster course corrections. And agility depends on a responsive network. That’s why Cisco DNA gives developers the flexibility and control they need to rapidly roll out new services that respond to changing business demands.

In concert with Cisco ONE Software driving the infrastructure, Cisco DNA streamlines your access to new network capabilities. Beyond offering network services that enable ubiquitous connectivity plus digital services to optimize business applications, DNA eliminates the need to distinguish between applications hosted in a data center and those in the cloud.

DNA also offers services to protect data and user integrity, with application traffic flows that can be encrypted when passing over trusted domains in the end-to-end communication path. This helps detect anomalies or allow policies to be associated with specific applications.

With Cisco DNA and Zones, IT can enable increased proliferation of endpoint types. That means you can readily embrace a BYOD model which requires the functionality to authenticate and control devices. Through cloud management, hosts can connect, update, and manage their devices from anywhere. Now the same network and security services can be available to wired, wireless, or mobile hosts.

Take a closer look at Cisco DNA, the open, software-driven platform that integrates critical innovations in networking software, so you can support increasingly dynamic business applications. To find out how Cisco DNA can transform your organization, reach out to your Zones account executive or call 800.408.ZONES today.

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