Logitech helps people collaborate at work, at home, or on the go

Logitech helps people collaborate at work, at home, or on the go

As we all collectively work to navigate a global pandemic, one thing is clear: Remote work is here to stay for a long time. Teams that once worked together in person are becoming virtual, and everyone has to adjust to that reality. And as people try to figure out virtual collaboration, there are going to be significant challenges for IT to overcome with respect to workplace modernization. The questions are big, overarching ones – how will people collaborate? How will they tackle big projects together? What can IT do to help?

Traditionally, whiteboards have been a great tool for teams to collaborate on projects. People get together in meeting rooms, they brainstorm ideas, and they write them out in communal spaces that everyone can use to workshop ideas together. This has long been a staple of team collaboration. But what do you do when that first part – getting together in meeting rooms – is no longer an option? According to Gartner, only 25% of meetings will take place in person by the year 2024. When it comes to that other 75%, people will still need a way to work together effectively.

This is what Logitech delivers. With Logitech Scribe, work teams have a way of effortlessly sharing whiteboards in video meetings – they can utilize an AI-powered whiteboard camera that integrates smoothly with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and many other leading video conferencing services. Whether your team members are in the room or they’re remote, they can view and modify content in meetings with outstanding clarity. The solution is simple to use, too – a wireless share button makes it quick and easy for anyone to share content with anyone.

Having IT involved is the key to enabling collaboration in a hybrid work environment. It’s never easy to get people working together when they’re geographically dispersed – and even if you do successfully implement a platform like Microsoft 365, there are bound to be gaps in your capabilities. Business cloud solutions are often great for enabling things like video conferencing and file sharing, but they do sometimes stop short of helping people tackle projects together, hands on, in real time.

This is where whiteboards come in. For years, it was easy to take this for granted, because they were just always there. But whiteboards are ubiquitous in meetings because they serve a very important function – they help people brainstorm ideas and develop them. They’re useful from a physical standpoint for diagramming concepts, illustrating them, taking notes, organizing thoughts, and more. In today’s world of virtual meetings, what do people have that’s equivalent? They can share virtual presentations, spreadsheets and so forth, but those aren’t quite the same. In business, when people want to communicate ideas visually, they reach for a dry erase marker. Logitech gives them the capability to do that virtually.

In this modern era, people demand the flexibility to work however, and wherever, is best for them. They want to be capable of getting stuff done at home, or in the office, or on the go – and they want easy collaboration with their teammates in all of these settings. Logitech makes this possible. And at Zones, we are proud to have a close strategic partnership with Logitech, which means we’re always willing to work with you and deploy these next-generation technologies in your environment.

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