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Lenovo: Pioneering Mobility in Healthcare

Mobility in the healthcare space is trending upwards. Quickly. And it’s driving better patient care.

A recent study conducted by the MetData group suggests that over 65% of physicians own or use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop for work. Another source finds that doctors are 250% more likely to own a tablet than the average consumer (Manhattan Research, “Taking the Pulse”). Sounds like mobile devices are practically tailor-made for professionals in the healthcare field …

And that’s why Lenovo solutions within tablets and laptops, which can place a wealth of information at the physicians’ fingertips, are helping hospitals and doctor’s offices improve patient engagement and outcomes. When healthcare providers need the right tool, in the right time, at the right place, and with better tools at hand, professionals can collaborate easier, achieve interoperability, share data securely, and move from patient to patient to deliver faster and continuous collaborative care. Consider the following:

According to the Float Media Learning Research, here are the top three reasons physicians are adopting mobile solutions:

  1. Time efficiency
  2. Cost efficiency
  3. Improved quality and continuity of care

And taking it a step further, Lenovo has partnered with Intel® and Microsoft® to provide the most secure experience – allowing users to confidently meet requirements and benefit from private cloud solutions.

Lenovo, in its continued quest to mobilize healthcare – saving space without sacrificing quality – has created a product line that is in step with today’s medical needs. Today we’re featuring the ThinkPad X1 tablet, ThinkPad Yoga 260, and the ThinkPad 10:

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet
This unique tablet offers a lot more than business on-the-go. It features a modular design that lets you turn your device into a laptop. Plus, it includes the legendary TrackPoint and trackpad – so no mouse required.

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260
Four Awesome Modes. One Incredible Device. Easily change between four modes – Laptop, Stand, Tablet, and Tent – while your system automatically switches system settings and locks the keyboard in place.

Thinkpad 10
Constructed from premium aluminum with Gorilla glass to protect its vivid display, the ThinkPad 10 tablet delivers a premium mobile experience with enhanced productivity capability in a purposeful lightweight design. Users can be creative with four flexible modes – Tablet, Stand, Laptop and Desktop.

Contact a Zones account executive about which LENOVO ThinkPad product line suits your business. Call 800.408.ZONES today.



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