Is your organization ready to explore hybrid cloud technology?

Is your organization ready to explore hybrid cloud technology?

It didn’t necessarily take a global pandemic and an economic recession to get IT leaders interested in data center transformation. In many cases, they had an interest already. But the events of the last couple of years have definitely accelerated things – there’s no doubt about that. We’ve recently seen significant changes to the ways people work. There are more remote employees, more hybrid employees, more highly flexible employees. And as such, organizations are seeing the importance of highly flexible strategies for managing data.

Chief among those strategies is the use of hybrid cloud technology. For many organizations, using just one provider for cloud computing is no longer considered the most viable option – in fact, Gartner found that 81% of organizations today are going with two or more. Gartner analyst Michael Warrilow explained that key reasons for this shift are architecture (modern applications can more easily support multiple providers) and governance (hybrid cloud helps IT unify the administration and monitoring of their systems).

There are other reasons, too.

“Most organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy out of a desire to avoid vendor lock-in or to take advantage of best-of-breed solutions,” Warrilow said. “We expect that most large organizations will continue to willfully pursue this approach.”

Warrilow said that for organizations that are interested in further exploring hybrid cloud, there are a few key preliminary steps to take. One is simply to increase your knowledge of all things cloud – before you get started, you should be well versed in everything from migration tactics to vendor selection to cost optimization. Additionally, you should begin to create cultural change, redefining the role of IT so that your efforts are more geared toward supporting cloud platforms and cloud users.

Once you’re ready to actually get started, Zones can help. With Zones Cloud Solutions, you have the capability to cut IT costs and boost capacity by transitioning to next-generation data storage. We have a wide range of offerings, from Cloud Assessments to Cloud Migration & Implementation services, that are designed to help you make the move to hybrid cloud as efficiently as possible. We’ll help you architect a new cloud environment, migrate your most essential workloads, test, and optimize until your hybrid cloud machine is perfectly well-oiled.

This is what we do best at Zones. We’ve always believed in prioritizing Data Center Transformation, and these days, we understand that that means putting the cloud first and foremost. As your organization continues to evolve, accommodating your remote and hybrid workers should be a key goal, and a next-generation cloud architecture can play a pivotal role in that effort. If you’re ready to move into the cloud with confidence, the first step is to connect with us.

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