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How Intel vPro can help your business during challenging times

Security fortification should always be a top priority for businesses in the modern era. When you can sleep easy knowing your data is secure, it’s easier to move forward with confidence, tackling new business initiatives without having to worry about business continuity. But that’s especially the case now. We’re entering an unprecedentedly challenging time in 2020, and it’s more essential than ever for organizations to make sure their data remains available, secure and reliable.

For that, you can’t do better than the Intel vPro platform, which is built to support businesses through even the most challenging times. Intel vPro will give your business what it needs to thrive, and it goes to work right out of the box. For business-class performance, hardware-enhanced security, modern remote manageability, and PC fleet stability, there’s one place to turn. Simply put, it’s built for the modern workforce.

Today, let’s take a look at four key reasons why the Intel vPro platform is the right choice for your business moving forward.

  • Best-in-class security. The Intel vPro platform comes with the Intel Hardware Shield built in, which means your business will have the benefit of hardware-enhanced security. Even for attacks that come below the OS, you’ll have strong protection. You’ll even get advanced threat detection capabilities for increased platform security.
  • Strong performance. Because the Intel vPro platform delivers business-class PC performance right out of the box, your teams will be productive right away. They’ll be able to work efficiently, analyze data with ease, simplify connectivity, and enjoy extended battery life – all of which means your organization will achieve more. Your users will always reap the full benefits of the platform, no matter which form factor works best for them.
  • Easy manageability. With Intel vPro, your IT team will have the ability to manage and repair PCs, kiosks, digital signage, and more – and they can do it all remotely. Even when users’ devices are powered off or out of band, you will still have total control. This will have a transformative effect on IT efficiency, helping you keep your people productive while reducing costs at the same time.
  • Long-term stability. You want a security strategy that’s built to last – and with Intel vPro, that’s what you get. The Intel Stable IT Platform Program, a part of the Intel Core platform, comes built in, and it provides platform validation throughout the full lifecycle of your system. The goal is zero hardware changes – meaning your team can proceed with confidence, knowing you’ll have stability on your side the whole time.

Intel vPro has everything it takes to lift your business to the next level. And at Zones, we can provide all the complementary services you need to get up at running. We have a team of experts with years of experience implementing security solutions for countless clients – and our strong relationship with Intel means we can act as a trusted advisor throughout the design and implementation process. Security is more important now than ever, and as always, we’re here to help.

Want more information on the Intel solutions we can deliver for you? You’re in the right place. Just follow the link below.

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