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Go boldly into the era of telemedicine with Veritas and Zones

The healthcare sector has a long track record of providing telehealth and telemedicine solutions for patients who need them. But over the last two years, as the COVID-19 pandemic has taken hold, that effort has been kicked into overdrive.

Whereas before, remote care was simply a convenience that was nice to have, it’s now become a necessity – and one that’s saved countless lives. Health organizations have thus been devoting significant resources to long-term telemedicine solutions. This is a positive step for the industry, and for society as a whole – but this transition needs to happen in a way that’s smart and efficient and that prioritizes security fortification.

It’s not easy to adopt telemedicine solutions at scale, as there are a number of logistical concerns that providers need to worry about. First and foremost, they need to protect the data of their remote employees, who may be working with new devices from different endpoints than they had been previously. This could potentially expose them to ransomware attacks. On top of that, healthcare IT leaders also need to be cognizant of HIPAA and other compliance issues, challenges around changing treatment protocols, patient satisfaction, and old challenges that persist such as inefficient employee workflows and the risk of burnout.

Veritas provides solutions that address all of these challenges and more. In NetBackup, for instance, organizations have a way to simplify hybrid data storage, and do so in a way that ensures security and compliance while reducing risks. Healthcare providers can use video conferencing platforms to set up telehealth visits, then use Veritas Enterprise Vault to record patient data securely. The platform makes it easy to anonymize transcripts and delete videos when necessary, thus keeping people’s private information secure.

With the right IT solutions in place, it’s possible for healthcare providers to have it all – great patient care and a secure approach to IT. And they can do it in a streamlined way. Far too many organizations these days are dealing with a wide range of fragmented point products for managing health data, securing it, and dealing with compliance. With NetBackup, that’s no longer necessary – you have one platform that can do everything. You can move, copy, and store data to or between clouds, and you can be proactive about security and disaster recovery.

Another key question for healthcare organizations to answer is one of accountability. Who’s in charge of your data management and backup procedures? Chances are, you don’t know. According to Veritas research, 84% of cloud administrators believe their data is backed up by their cloud provider, but in many cases, that’s simply a myth. NetBackup helps address this issue, however. NetBackup allows you to define your protection needs at a high level, then automate backup service-level objects throughout your entire infrastructure. This means everything – traditional data, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, hybrid data – can be protected.

These are rapidly changing times for the healthcare sector, just as they are for everyone else. We’re entering the “new normal,” in which people try to complete tasks as efficiently as possible, and remotely when possible, and medical care is no exception. Veritas understands this, and they’re working every day to help health organizations adopt remote care solutions that will ensure better care and a competitive advantage in the industry.

And at Zones, we’re a close strategic partner with Veritas, which means we have a team of experts in our corner that can help you adopt all the Veritas solutions you need to succeed. Connect with us today, and you’ll find out for yourself.

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