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A smarter network means smarter business for midmarket companies

As small and medium businesses attempt to tackle the challenges of the modern business landscape, standing out from the crowd requires more than just a quality product. Customers and employees now demand more flexible connections and engagement while companies attempt to juggle IT and solutions costs and complexity. So where should SMBs interested in future-proofing their network begin their search for a unified telecommunications system?

Avaya has a long history of delivering innovation to midmarket companies, taking expertise from its relationships with some of the world’s largest enterprises and applying that knowledge to give smaller businesses the same capabilities. Today, SMBs can take advantage of Avaya solutions to cut networking costs, increase agility, enhance customer engagement and give employees the flexibility to accomplish anywhere.

Cut networking costs and become more nimble

Many legacy networks that midmarket organizations rely on are vulnerable to outages, lack efficiency and are complex to maintain and update – all of which slows the deployment of new applications and services. Avaya Fabric Connect, an enhanced implementation of Shortest Path Bridging, improves organizational agility and eliminates complexity by replacing complex protocol overlays with a single next-generation technology.

Avaya’s next generation unified network has significant benefits:

  • Combining the best of Ethernet with the best of Internet Protocol (IP), traffic on Fabric Connect always takes the shortest path to its destination.
  • New services and changes can be enabled at the edge only, eliminating the need to reconfigure the network core.
  • Fabric Connect allows for simplified network virtualization, even across data centers, reducing IT operating expenses.
  • IP Multicast provides 10 times the scalability and three times the performance over alternatives for anytime, anywhere video.

The last thing a business wants is for its products, growth and message to be impacted by network issues. This is why forward thinking, proactive midmarket organizations are looking at the next generation of networking and engagement solutions.

Smarter collaboration runs on a smart network

Avaya’s IP Office platform is a flexible, unified collaboration solution that creates a seamless office experience for customers and employees regardless of their locations, devices or applications. From telephony to messaging, conferencing, contact center and video, IP Office is a complete solution designed for the midmarket with the ability to scale to 3,000 users at a single site or in up to 150 locations.

Additional IP office solutions enable SMBs to turn their legacy contact center into a business enabler, capable of integrating voice, messaging, email and text messages so customers, clients and employees can engage with each other seamlessly and efficiently. IP Office virtual meeting rooms, which work with the latest video conferencing room systems, add another layer  of engagement that enable co-workers, partners and customers to experience the added value of face-to-face meetings, all on Avaya technology.

Contact your Zones account executive to find out more about how Zone’s networking specialists and Avaya solutions for small and medium businesses can take your company into the mobile, digital future with confidence.

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