Does your organization have a cloud governance framework?

Does your organization have a cloud governance framework?

Organizations of all sizes have a lot to gain from prioritizing data center transformation. Put simply, it’s a way to break free from your legacy environment. Traditional data environments bring with them all sorts of rigid constraints – such as fixed sizes, costs, and hardware needs – and can therefore be a major strain on resources. Naturally, forward-thinking organizations will look for ways around these constraints. And more often than not, that means looking to the cloud.

Having said that, there are inherent risks involved with racing into the cloud too quickly. CloudHealth Tech called attention to this problem – many organizations believe speed is a key metric for cloud success, and they’re not wrong, but it can be dangerous to view speed as the only priority. Rachel Dines, marketing director at CloudHealth, warned that companies can get into trouble when they move into the cloud without first embracing cloud governance and establishing a set of best practices.

“In the public cloud, because decisions are made in a decentralized manner and at a rapid pace, a governance model or policy becomes critical for keeping the entire organization on track,” Dines explained. “Without governance, you will quickly find your cloud environment spiraling out of control. Between the pace of change in environments, new services being adopted by engineering, and the rapid growth in many cloud environments, there is no way you and your team can keep up without a governance strategy.”

Cloud governance is essential for any organization – and the bigger your cloud plans, the more essential it becomes. Dines pointed to Forrester research showing that manual enforcement of cloud best practices is usually ineffective – these processes are prone to human error and difficult to scale up for larger organizations. That’s why it’s essential for IT offices to look for efficient, streamlined ways to make sure the cloud transition goes smoothly.

If your organization is currently conducting that search, then we’ve got good news. At Zones, we specialize in helping IT departments move into the cloud in a way that’s smart, disciplined and guaranteed to get results. Are you concerned about having the right cloud governance blueprint in place for your people? If so, we can allay all those concerns and more.

When done right, the cloud can be a major boost to your business. The technology is easy, the pricing is flexible, and the potential is limitless. So let us show you how to do it right. In just one visit, our experts can set you off down the path to cloud success.

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