Digital signage can work wonders for healthcare organizations

Digital signage can work wonders for healthcare organizations

In healthcare, optimizing the patient experience is all about communicating effectively. The goal is to give clear and relevant information to everyone who needs it – this includes not just the patients themselves but also doctors, nurses, insurance companies, and patients’ families and friends. This is one of the key drivers behind workplace modernization. Healthcare organizations are looking to implement new technology because it will make communication simple and effective.

Unfortunately, there are many pain points in this process as it stands today. For example, the process of waiting in a hospital waiting room is lackluster at best. People often find themselves in blind queues, with no idea how long they’ll be waiting or how their status might change. There are gaps in communication, and many healthcare organizations are struggling to put out messaging that’s accurate and timely. All of this translates to a poor patient experience – and a poor employee experience as well.

At Zones, we have a solution for all of this. We help healthcare organizations deploy digital signage, which makes for a simple and automated way of putting out messaging to patients and employees alike. Organizations that use this solution will have a seamless way to manage communications at any level and change content at a moment’s notice. When done right, a digital signage solution can revolutionize the way visitors, customers, patients, and employees perceive a healthcare organization’s brand.

Our digital signage offering includes four main parts:

  • Assessment: The first step is to size up the communication system you’re using today and devise a strategy for improving it.
  • Design & Implementation: From there, we’ll help you design and implement a solution that’s tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Installation: We’ll be there to help as you get your new digital signage system up and running.
  • IT Asset Disposition: Once you implement a new communications strategy, you’ll need to scrap your old one, which may involve getting rid of some old IT assets. We can lend a hand with that as well.

All in all, these services can deliver real value for any healthcare organization. When implemented right, they can redefine the way you communicate with patients, visitors, and staff – you’ll be able to give them not just updated information, but also visually rich graphics, videos, and more. This will keep everyone more engaged and strengthen your brand over the long haul.

And at Zones, we have the IT expertise to make sure your implementation goes smoothly. We have a proven track record of designing, implementing, and managing digital signage solutions for a number of major clients worldwide. We have strategic relationships with all of the major tech manufacturers, and we will use a vendor-agnostic approach to design the perfect solution for you.

Curious about this and other Workplace Modernization offerings at Zones? Check out our website for more information.

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