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Data Governance And Compliance In The Age Of AI: Secure Your Future With Microsoft Purview

Data Governance And Compliance In The Age Of AI: Secure Your Future With Microsoft Purview


April 1st, 2024, was an exciting day for the cybersecurity world as we announced the general availability of Microsoft Copilot for Security worldwide. This groundbreaking solution is the industry's first generative AI built to empower security and IT teams, helping you outsmart threats at incredible speed.

Copilot harnesses vast security data and state-of-the-art AI to supercharge your team, making it faster and more accurate in its work.

As attacks become increasingly sophisticated, driven in part by AI advancements, it's clear that AI itself is crucial for defense.

Studies show experienced security analysts are 22% faster, and their work is 7% more accurate when using Copilot.

That's a massive advantage!

However, with the power AI offers comes a new challenge: ensuring this technology is used responsibly, safely, and ethically. That's where AI governance comes in.

Think of it as the guardrails for your AI systems – ensuring they aren't biased, that sensitive data is secure, and that the AI aligns with your organization's values. Microsoft Purview is your perfect partner for navigating this complex terrain.

AI Governance and Compliance: The Twin Pillars of Responsible AI

As AI becomes woven throughout our businesses, taking on tasks from analyzing data to making predictions, a new set of risks and responsibilities emerges. AI governance is how we tackle these concerns head-on.

Here are a few key reasons why it's an urgent priority:

  • Preventing AI Bias and Ensuring Compliance: Even the most advanced AI can fall prey to unconscious bias in the data it's trained on. This can lead to unfair or discriminatory decisions, harming both individuals and a business's reputation. AI governance helps you identify and mitigate these biases.
  • Aligning AI with Ethics and Regulatory Frameworks: How do we ensure the AI systems act in ways that align with our values? AI governance gives us a framework to embed ethical considerations in the design and use of AI, preventing harmful consequences.
  • Privacy, Security, and Compliance Standards: AI often handles sensitive personal data. Strong AI governance includes robust data privacy practices to safeguard individuals and comply with regulations. It also addresses security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors.
  • Building Trust and Responsibility: Demonstrating effective AI governance builds trust with customers, employees, and regulatory bodies. It shows your organization is committed to using AI in a safe, responsible, and transparent manner.

Microsoft Purview for AI Governance

Microsoft Purview is designed to empower you with the tools and insights you need to govern your data – and the AI that uses it – effectively.

Here are some crucial tools within Microsoft Purview that directly impact your AI governance efforts:

  1. Microsoft Purview Data Map: This provides a comprehensive, up-to-date picture of your entire data landscape. Understanding where your data lives, the different AI systems touching it, and how sensitive that data is forms the foundation of proper governance.
  2. Microsoft Purview Data Catalog: AI is only as good as the data it's fed. This tool helps you understand your data in detail – its quality, lineage, and the potential for bias. This enables better decision-making about which data is right for your AI models.
  3. Microsoft Purview Data Use Management: Here's where you set policies, automate safeguards, and monitor how AI utilizes data. You gain granular control to ensure your AI aligns with ethical-use principles and minimizes privacy risks.
  4. Microsoft Purview Data Sharing: Sharing data responsibly, both internally and externally, is crucial. Purview lets you manage this process with confidence, tracking data movement and ensuring any AI built on this shared data remains within your governance framework.

These are just a few highlights.

Microsoft Purview is a powerhouse solution, and as AI governance best practices evolve, you can be certain Purview will continue adding innovative features.

Success in Action: Case Study

A leading South African law firm knew the importance of proactive data management. Handling confidential client information meant both meeting strict regulations and proving themselves as a trusted data steward.

With Microsoft Purview, they achieved both AI governance and compliance goals:

  • Addressing AI Compliance: Microsoft Purview helped them pinpoint where AI was involved in data processing, streamlining complex regulatory compliance like POPIA and addressing global standards.
  • Gaining Central Control: No more scattered data or isolated AI projects. Microsoft Purview gave them a single dashboard for visibility and management, significantly simplifying oversight.
  • Building Trust: Their ability to demonstrate data-driven proof of robust security and ethical AI practices has strengthened reputation and solidified client trust.

Want to replicate their success?

Exploring your own AI governance and compliance journey starts with a 1:1 consultation. Let's assess your needs and build your roadmap.

The Power of Copilot + Microsoft Purview

The general availability of Microsoft Copilot for Security is a game-changer, and its integration with Microsoft Purview elevates AI governance even further. Here's how this combined solution boosts your security:

  • Uncover Hidden AI Risks: Copilot can scan your organization to identify where AI is being used, even in unexpected places. This is essential for flagging areas where AI bias or data security might be an issue.
  • Protecting AI Systems: Copilot helps safeguard the AI applications themselves and the sensitive data they work with. This proactive layer of defense is key in the face of evolving threats.
  • Governing AI Usage: Copilot lets you monitor how AI is used, log interactions, and detect potential policy violations. This oversight ensures consistent adherence to your AI governance strategy.

Microsoft understands that AI is both a powerful tool and a new frontier of risk. With Microsoft Purview managing your data and AI foundation, and Copilot guarding against specific threats, you get comprehensive protection in this rapidly changing landscape.

Take Action: Embrace Secure and Responsible AI

Ready to experience confident AI innovation within a secure, responsible framework?

Schedule a 1:1 consultation to explore how Microsoft Purview and Copilot can revolutionize your organization's AI governance.

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