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Cybersecurity threats are mounting in the new year – are you prepared?

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It might be a new calendar year, but some of the same old truths still hold, just as they always have – and that includes the constant business need for security fortification.

Your organization probably went through a lot in 2021. If you were like most, you spent the year focused on weathering an ongoing pandemic, enduring staffing and supply chain challenges, and continuing to navigate the strange new world of remote work. But through it all, the security challenge is still there. Keeping your users and their data safe is just as essential as ever.

Has the landscape changed at all? Perhaps a little bit, new research says. The cybersecurity firm One Source has released its predictions for the new year, and chief among them is that threats and attack methods are only going to get more sophisticated moving forward. Ransomware and other types of cybercrime are going to threaten devastating effects on businesses in 2022, including steep financial losses and damage to brands’ reputation.

“Companies in 2022 will continue to navigate hybrid work environments and other challenges that may leave them vulnerable to attacks,” said Chris Hope, One Source’s senior director of IT and security. “It’s vital that these companies understand what they may be dealing with in the year ahead and review their cybersecurity strategies to meet existing challenges while preparing for new threats that emerge in a dynamic business environment.”

Clearly, ransomware is public enemy No. 1 when it comes to cybersecurity threats. In 2021, it did tremendous damage to companies of all sizes – One Source estimates that the average financial impact of a ransomware attack on a business last year was $1.85 million, a record high. But the threats don’t end there. Attack methods and goals are expected to continue evolving in 2022, possibly including some cybercriminals that steal mission-critical data with the threat to leak it to competitors or even release it publicly.

The threat landscape is vast. But at Zones, we have an equally vast array of tools designed to keep you protected. We offer a Remote Worker Solution that serves to simplify IT for managing a distributed workforce – and within that solution, there are a number of security measures you can tap into. For example, our Endpoint Security Management offering makes it easier for your business to detect, prevent, and correct advanced threats. With it, you can eliminate threats to even your most vulnerable remote networks, ensuring that your users can stay safe whether they’re in-office or far away.

This is one of the things we do best at Zones. We’ve always made Security Fortification a key area of focus – and as the world has shifted toward remote work over the last couple of years, we’ve moved quickly to shift the way we provide security for our clients. We understand that your endpoints look dramatically different today than they did before, and we are committed to protecting them from everything, including ransomware and much more.

To learn more about how Zones can help secure your business in 2022, contact us today.

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