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Growing your business? Better be ready to grow your network

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Everyone wants to grow their business. Bringing in new customers, accumulating more revenue, adding new employees to your team, perhaps even building facilities in new locations – all of the above are worthy goals to aspire to. But here’s the dirty truth – when your business grows, the network optimization challenges you face will inevitably grow as well.

Simply supplying Wi-Fi to one office is easy. But with a growing organization, there are pain points that start to creep in. You start to worry about inefficiencies in coordinating networking equipment across multiple teams in multiple locations. You have countless IT help tickets in your queue that you’ve got to deal with. And through it all, you have to maintain visibility throughout the organization and know everything that’s going on. All of these factors pile up, and often they result in unexpected hiccups and downtime incidents.

We mentioned this in a previous blog, but it bears repeating – the financial impact of network downtime can be staggering for any business. Network Computing magazine reported that the average large enterprise that deals with downtime suffers about $60 million in losses each year as a result. Decreasing sales, lost employee productivity, and network repair costs are all among the contributing factors. Given all of this, it’s only natural to want a steady, reliable way of managing your employees’ wireless access.

We at Zones can most definitely help with that. Under the umbrella of Wired & Wireless Networking, we offer a Managed Wi-Fi service that includes ongoing management and maintenance of your Wi-Fi environment. For one simple monthly fee, you get robust monitoring and analytics that cover every aspect of your network. Our on-site technical support services don’t just deal with downtime when it happens – they proactively identify issues before they even crop up.

We’ve done a lot of research about digital transformation, and the big takeaway is it’s happening everywhere, whether you’re ready or not. Studies have shown that between 2014 and 2019, the amount of mobile data traffic in the world has increased tenfold. By 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices in circulation. This trend is unstoppable – and your business had better be prepared for it.

At Zones, we believe that a good wireless network has the potential to transform your business. Are you ready for that? If so, let’s work together.

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