Create a more agile, resilient business with help from Cisco and Zones

Create a more agile, resilient business with help from Cisco and Zones

Historically, when businesses have undertaken new workplace modernization projects, they’ve done it for a common reason – they want to drive greater employee productivity. When you put better devices, apps, and collaboration tools in the workplace, you enable everyone to achieve more and to create more value for the business.

But what do you do when the very idea of a “workplace” is turned on its head?

Over the past year, employees have transitioned by the millions toward working remotely, and it’s now starting to become clear: This is not just a quick fix. In fact, our research shows that 54% of companies plan to make remote work a permanent option in the years ahead. This means that IT will have to rethink what it means to deliver technology to the workplace. Nowadays, the workplace is often the employee’s home, or another remote location. Business leaders must have an ongoing strategy that’s agile and helps them deal with unexpected transitions and challenges.

The key here is to be strategic about how you make IT investments in the future. Simply budgeting the same funds for the same desktops and laptops you always did will probably not be sufficient, as new IT initiatives will be mandatory in this “new normal.” For example, 81% of companies plan on investing in new workplace safety measures in the years ahead. And again, this is not just a “quick fix” approach – in fact, 49% of companies agree that making new technology investments now will position them better for the long term.

At Zones, we have one solution in particular that we strongly recommend, and that’s Business Resilience from Cisco. With Cisco’s offerings, your organization can rise to new levels of resiliency, using solutions that provide an adaptable, engaging, and trusted user experience. Cisco solutions do more than just enable each employee to be productive in a vacuum – they enable collaboration, as well. Using tools that offer embedded encryption, compliance, visibility, and control, all with security features built in, your teams will be able to work together with ease.

In the long run, there’s an opportunity here for businesses today. Now is the time to build a more agile, more resilient business – one with a team of employees that are productive from anywhere, working in a setting that’s safe, secure, and trusted. Today’s businesses need flexible and adaptable work environments and truly connected experiences – and that’s exactly what Cisco delivers. With Cisco, you get a workforce and a workplace that are ready for anything.

Zones and Cisco have had a close working relationship for a long time, and during these challenging times, our relationship has only grown closer. We’re proud to work together toward a common goal: simplifying IT and ensuring productivity for remote work teams everywhere. With Cisco’s products and Zones’ services at your disposal, you’ll be able to drive greater operational efficiency and truly empower your people to thrive in the new normal. Connect with us today to find out more.

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