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As you deploy new user devices, recycle the old ones responsibly

In this new era of business, many IT leaders have taken on an entirely new approach to workplace modernization. Rather than build out their in-house IT infrastructure, they’re giving people everything they need to work remotely, or in hybrid arrangements where appropriate. And of course, this means devices. Lots and lots and lots of devices.

This brings us to a key question. Once you’ve acquired all those new devices for your users, what do you do with the old ones?

The truth is, you can’t just throw them out. That process would be time-consuming, wasteful, and also raise questions about data security. What you need is a smart, systematic way of getting rid of old devices as you adopt new ones.

Luckily, Dell Technologies has a solution to this problem. Dell is one of the largest technology providers in the world, and it’s not just focused on selling computers – the company is also committed to protecting customers and doing what’s best for the planet. To that end, Dell provides secure recycling solutions for organizations worldwide, helping them get rid of their technology in a way that’s smart and eco-friendly.

Let’s walk through that process, step by step.

  • Asset removal: When you replace old devices, the first step is simply getting them off the premises. For that, Dell Technologies offers asset removal services that are up to the job. They handle the pick-up logistics for any owned or leased hardware, which will surely save your team time and energy. You can instead allocate that bandwidth toward leading your business forward with new technology.
  • Data security: You can’t just throw your devices away – there’s a great deal of valuable data on them, and that data is still vulnerable to theft, even after you’ve retired the devices from use. You also have to worry about compliance with the NIST SP 800-88 standard, which governs data security on old devices. With Dell’s data sanitization process, you can dispose of your data quickly and securely.
  • Recycling or resale: Ultimately, when it’s time to get rid of your devices, you have two options. One is simply recycling them, which is clean and eco-friendly. Alternatively, if the devices still have value, you might consider reselling them! Dell Technologies also has services for that – they’ll pick up your hardware, ship it to their facilities, sanitize it, and help you resell it to a third party for the best price possible.

In all of these efforts, Zones is proud to be a Titanium Partner. We have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability – we work hard to help our clients become as efficient and as profitable as possible, but we do so in a way that helps them reduce their impact on the planet. And thanks to our close partnership with Dell Technologies, we’re perfectly well positioned to assist in the process of upgrading your devices and recycling old ones.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, check out the additional resources available on our website.

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