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How Adobe Sign integrates quickly and easily with Microsoft Teams

These days, smart business leaders know to advance workplace modernization in any way they can. Ushering in new technology is a key strategy for driving stronger employee engagement, greater productivity, and ultimately bigger profits. Everything companies can modernize, they should modernize.

This even applies to some aspects of managing a business that are less glamorous than others, yet still of vital importance – like, for example, collecting signatures on documents.

Many businesses today are realizing the significant value they can unlock by using Adobe Sign. With Adobe’s powerful solution for e-signatures, you get a fast, agile, environmentally conscious way of signing documents that will help you get approvals off the signee’s desk and back into your hands in a flash. Adobe Sign makes business quicker and more efficient for everyone – and what’s more, it was designed specifically to offer strong, seamless collaboration with Microsoft. That’s why it’s recognized as Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution.

The beauty of Adobe Sign lies in how easy it is to get up and running. If your people are already using Microsoft Teams to conduct business every day, you’ll find it an incredibly smooth process to integrate Adobe Sign with Teams and get results immediately, from day one. Anyone using Teams can easily add the Adobe Sign app, and they’ll instantly gain the capability to securely send documents, contracts, and digital forms out for e-signatures.

Everyone on your team should find it simple and easy to add Adobe Sign to the Teams approvals workflows they’re already using daily. The process of getting a document approved in Teams is straightforward: First, you create an approval request. Then, you add a document to be signed, and the signer is given the option to approve or reject the request. You’ll be able to track and manage your approvals the entire time, and you’ll also have airtight security and compliance.

This is what Adobe does best – they invented the PDF more than 25 years ago, and they remain the global leader in secure digital documents to this day. And at Zones, we are more than ready to get your organization started with Adobe Sign today. We’re a longtime partner of Adobe, working closely with them to usher in new digital experiences and workflows for our clients. If you’re ready to make more efficient document handling a part of your workplace modernization plan, then connect with us today. We’d love to work with you.

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