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Revolutionize the way you work with documents

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Adobe Acrobat DC with Document Cloud Services

Adobe’s new Acrobat DC with Document Cloud services deliver an innovative touch-enabled version of Acrobat that allows you to create editable PDFs more easily than ever, and offers cloud services for sharing and storing documents.

With Acrobat DC, Adobe has taken the world’s best PDF tool to an entirely new level, improving how people handle business documents, and allowing us to manage critical documents in the office, across devices, and remotely. With Acrobat DC, you can lower costs and save time across your organization:

  • Enable and secure your mobile workforce. With the free Acrobat DC mobile app, users can access recent files, or fill and sign forms, and all security measures and protections move across devices.
  • Instantly edit PDFs and scanned documents. No need to retype, reformat, or hassle with text-recognition software. Editing is natural and easy.
  • Speed the learning curve. Acrobat DC features a new, easy-to-use UI with tools that work consistently across desktop, web, and mobile devices – including touch-enabled ones.

Acrobat DC is an integrated Adobe solution

Acrobat DC extends the functionality of Adobe Creative Cloud, and includes Adobe’s eSign technology at no additional cost. It also integrates leading Adobe products. For example, it uses Photoshop imaging in converting paper documents into digital, editable PDFs.

Acrobat DC even allows you to edit the same documents across devices with Acrobat mobile, create editable digital documents from mobile devices, securely store and send documents, and sign documents digitally.

Contact your Zones account executive to learn more about Acrobat DC subscriptions and perpetual licenses.

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