5 ways you know it’s time to transform IT.

In the digital economy, organizations are changing how they interact with and serve their customers by creating seamless experiences. But underperforming applications and workloads can hold you back from delivering a superior customer experience and achieving competitive business results.

Don’t let this happen to you. Learn to recognize the five signs that it’s time to transform IT:

  1. Siloed applications and information are limiting your business agility. Collaboration requires access to critical data to leverage business intelligence and analytics in real time.
  2. Business-critical applications don’t meet performance goals and are difficult to scale. With a modern infrastructure, IT can deliver the performance, capacity, agility, ease of use and scalability needed to meet business challenges.
  3. Development of new applications and services is not aligning with your business needs. Speed to market is a key differentiator in today’s digital environment. Development teams must be empowered with self-service provisioning to quickly leverage innovations.
  4. Your cost of IT is too high and doesn’t support strategic initiatives. TechTarget reports 75% of IT staff time is spent keeping the lights on. To be efficient, IT must be easy to deploy, use, manage, maintain and scale.
  5. Security and compliance are becoming more difficult to manage. IT teams need modern security solutions that extend visibility and protection to deal with complex environments.

As you can probably guess, your existing technology plays an important role in driving or derailing speed of business, product differentiation, and competitive advantage. To get your infrastructure on the right track, Zones nfrastructure, the services company of Zones, can help identify the applications and workloads that are under the most pressure, and show you where investing in new technologies and processes can bring the most value to your business.

To discover the assessments we offer to help you jump start IT transformation  as well as a range of converged, cloud, server, and storage solutions from Dell EMC to accelerate innovation contact a Zones account executive or call 800.408.ZONES today.

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