5 tangible benefits of implementing Cisco ISE

5 tangible benefits of implementing Cisco ISE

These days, the workplace as we know it is changing rapidly. A wide range of new technologies continue to change the way we work. Mobile devices, cloud platforms and the Internet of Things are no longer just niche curiosities – they’re office mainstays that have come to define the way people stay productive in the 21st century. This is all very exciting, but it can be challenging for businesses to keep up. This is particularly true when it comes to network optimization.

Networks today are under a lot of stress. In many cases, they’re dealing with a massive increase in the numbers of devices and applications connecting to them, and this surge in traffic has been difficult to handle. In some cases, corporate networks can’t keep up with the demand. IT leaders are challenged to see who’s accessing the network and what they’re doing. As this complexity increases, companies find that their attack surface expands as well.

To address these issues, a market-leading solution is Identity Services Engine (ISE), from Cisco. ISE is a security policy management platform that serves to unify and automate secure access control for networks. Once ISE is in place, higher levels of visibility are possible. Five business outcomes that are possible include:

  • Greater simplicity. When your organization implements ISE, you’ll be able to centralize the process of network management, using one cross-portfolio, co-terminated agreement that covers your entire organization.
  • Stronger security. With ISE, you’re guaranteed streamlined network access, which will immediately help your organization realize a stronger security posture. In fact, the average ISE customer saves about $1.6 million within three years simply by avoiding security events and the financial pitfalls that come with them.
  • Easier scalability. Is your organization growing quickly? With ISE, that’s not a problem. The solution is easily scalable, and easily alter your configuration to meet your changing business needs. Licenses allow for organic growth and provide you with regular updates.
  • Big cost savings. ISE helps your organization keep costs under control by delivering investment protection for existing licenses and services. In addition, the solution allows for more predictable budgeting over the long haul, helping you grow your business with confidence.
  • Peak efficiency. The average ISE customer sees a 98% reduction in the amount of time it takes them to implement network changes, as well as 200 fewer hours spent remediating major network security events.

Cisco’s network security solution is a tool for your toolbox and with it you can handle your networking challenges. And with Zones, you have a team of IT specialists with strong Cisco partnerships, highly capable of getting your team up and running. Reach out to us today and find out for yourself.

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