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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mac

5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mac

Launching on January 22, 1984, with one of the most influential commercials ever, the Apple Mac® computer challenged mainstream conceptions of what a computer can be and do. 

Promoted as a computer for the masses, the Mac was initially pigeonholed as a computer for creative work. But over more than three decades, Apple catered to the needs of all business users with increasingly advanced iterations of its sleek Mac designs – and none better than the company’s latest lineup.

From Apple laptops like the MacBook to the all-in-one iMac to the extreme performance of the Mac Pro, whatever you need for your business, “Mac does that.”

Let’s take a closer look by highlighting five reasons why your business needs a Mac.

1. Mac Does It All

One of the most significant advantages of using a Mac is that it can do it all. From running Microsoft 365 and other business applications to video editing and graphic design, Mac delivers high-end performance to get the job done. 

And, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can do even more. Here are just a few examples:    

  • Use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac. 
  • Make and receive phone calls without picking up your iPhone. 
  • Extend your workspace by using an iPad as a second display.
  • Automatically unlock your Mac when you’re wearing your Apple Watch. 

This seamless integration is just one of the many perks of using a Mac.

2. Multi-tasking Made Easy

If you frequently switch between applications, using Split View on a MacBook can help boost your productivity. Split View automatically splits two windows in full screen. For example, you can work on two applications side by side simultaneously without having to move and resize windows manually. 

Split View is definitely a time saver for multi-taskers. There’s no need to pause your work to bring up another window. And this split-screen function on Macs could also save you the cost of setting up multiple monitors.

3. Battery Life That Goes Beyond Does It All

Working on the go is the norm in many occupations, and that means mobile computing. It also means you need long-lasting battery life – unless it’s your joy in life to plug in for a recharge at any opportunity.
MacBooks are renowned for their exceptional battery life.* They can last up to 18 hours. That’s welcome news for anyone working remotely or traveling for work – no need to worry about running out of battery power in the middle of an important task.

4. Keep What's Private Under Lock & Key 

Security is a top priority for any business. Another tip of the hat goes to Apple for making advanced security standards on the Mac. In fact, Apple silicon and macOS Ventura bring the most advanced security of any personal computer to the Mac.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, Mac helps your private information stay that way. It features:

  • Industry‑leading data encryption
  • Robust protections against malware and viruses
  • Powerful firewall security system

Mac also features Touch ID, Apple’s biometric fingerprint recognition system. Touch ID provides secure authentication and access control to the Mac. It controls who can unlock a Mac, authorize purchases from the App Store, iTunes, and Apple Books, and make purchases on the web using Apple Pay. Touch ID is also easier to use and much more secure than passwords.

5. Always Intuitive

One of the hallmarks of Apple's technology is its intuitive design. Macs are no exception. They’re easy to learn and use.

Finding what you need, staying organized, and taking on any task is a breeze with a Mac. 

The clear, simple design just makes sense, especially if you have an iPhone. Managing multiple windows and keeping track of your files is a cinch. And with quick access to all the controls you need, navigating the Mac is easier than ever.

If you’re considering upgrading your business technology but unsure which device to choose, take a close look at the Apple Mac. Underneath its sleek design is a reliable, secure, easy-to-use business computer that really can do it all.

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At Zones, we’re committed to helping you take advantage of everything Mac has to offer. We offer a suite of managed services for Apple that will revolutionize your approach to workplace technology. For example, the Zones Service Desk is a smart way to provide omnichannel IT support services that increase end-user satisfaction and reduce your overall support costs.

We’re at your service with comprehensive and cost-effective expertise ready when you need it. With our help, you can free your IT team up to focus on more strategic initiatives. And you’ll give your bottom line a boost too. 

When it’s time for workplace modernization, whatever you need, Consider IT done.

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*Battery life varies by use and configuration. See for more information.

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