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5 areas where Azure disaster recovery is essential for your business

5 areas where Azure disaster recovery is essential for your business

If there’s one thing corporate IT leaders have learned over the last two years without a doubt, it’s that a smart and agile approach to data center transformation is essential. These are challenging times, and businesses need to come up with innovative solutions.

The truth is that new innovations like remote and hybrid work have been a blessing for businesses everywhere, delivering great value – but they also present vulnerabilities. For this reason, there’s a clearer need than ever for good disaster recovery strategies.

With so many new devices and new endpoints entering the picture, it’s important for IT to be vigilant about every possible disaster scenario. Understanding the risks you’re up against can help you prepare. This has always been true, but the pandemic has made it even more so – staffing shortages, work delays and complications, and remote IT difficulties have made disasters more common.

To fully prepare your business for any eventuality, you’ve got to plan comprehensively. You must be aware of every possible threat to your business, at every level. Let’s walk through a few of the most essential aspects of disaster recovery…

Data loss and backup recovery

This is the most important one. If your users ever experience data loss in any capacity, it’s important to have access to backup files that they can access quickly and ensure that business continuity is not disrupted. For any business, having quick and reliable procedures for restoring these backups is essential.

Network interruptions and outages

What happens if your network goes down? You might be relieved that your files aren’t lost or corrupted, but not having connectivity is in many ways just as bad. Having constant network access is fundamental to business success, which means it’s important to preempt any issues by testing your network preparedness and having contingency plans available.

Hardware failures

What happens if an essential piece of user hardware breaks down at an inopportune moment? Do you have procedures in place for fixing it, or assessing quickly whether it needs to be replaced? You don’t want to be caught off guard by a hardware disruption, so coming up with a game plan in advance is key.

Workforce interruptions

Especially in the age of COVID, things never go exactly according to plan when it comes to managing the workforce. People get sick; people quit their jobs. Supply chain interruptions make it hard for people to continue business as usual. You can’t stop every workforce issue from coming up, but you can plan for these problems and know how to persevere through them.

Breakdowns with backups

Whenever any of the above problems rears its head, it’s good to have data backups available that you can fall back on. But what happens if your backup files are corrupted too? Then you’ve got a multi-layered disaster on your hands. It’s important to protect your data at every level, including the files backing up the files.

All told, the challenge of disaster recovery is a broad and all-encompassing one. It’s a lot to deal with. But at Zones, we specialize in helping organizations like yours to deal with it effectively. That’s especially the case for organizations that rely on Microsoft Azure. When you invest in our Disaster Recovery for Azure solution, you gain access to end-to-end protection for your Azure environment against system failure, security breach, natural disaster, human error, and more.

To dig a little deeper into this opportunity, connect with us today.


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