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4 mobile solutions that can benefit public safety professionals

Organizations everywhere, in every sector, have a keen interest in workplace modernization nowadays, and it’s often for the same reason – during challenging times, budgets tend to be tight, and everyone’s under pressure to do more with less.

This is most definitely the case for government organizations right now. During these lean economic times, the public sector is facing a dire need to increase efficiency and reduce costs, and that means there’s a high level of demand to implement mobile solutions at the state and local government level – especially for public safety and inspection personnel.

There are several ways in which public safety officials can benefit from better mobile technology. One is efficiency – using mobile apps instead of manual paperwork should make life more pleasant for everyone. Additionally, going mobile often makes it easier to ensure compliance, which can save a great deal of time and money.

Let’s get specific about 4 types of mobile solutions that can help public safety and inspection professionals succeed.

  • Mobile computing terminal replacement: It’s far easier for public safety personnel to connect with command centers using mobile devices with iOS than with the heavy, expensive laptops they’ve traditionally used. Workers can securely access vital information in real time, as well as use iPad as a training tool to build skills across multiple emergency, law enforcement, and medical-related disciplines.
  • Fire and emergency response: Mobile technology can streamline the way emergency dispatchers are managed and how first responders adapt to situations. Apps can be used to deliver critical information instantly. From communication and digital messaging to resource allocation and medical advice, iOS apps provide support for nearly every aspect of incident response.
  • Information access and digital forms: With mobile apps, personnel can automate document and information access, get real-time data, navigate between cases, and streamline communications – all while confidently relying on the secure features of iOS. They can also use electronic forms to easily collect field data and cost recovery information for fast processing and reduced printing expenses.
  • Evidence collection: Mobile tools can help with gathering intake evidence while in the field, as well as seamlessly uploading it to back-end systems. They can also empower public safety workers to capture, record, maintain, collaborate, and report data and images for better tracking and organization.

There are a number of challenges that state and local governments are dealing with at this time. One is data security – it’s crucial to maintain security and keep cyberthreats at bay, while also ensuring that infrastructure and service processes are in place to prevent privacy violations. On top of that, issues such as compliance, budgetary constraints, and training needs continue to be of concern.

To tackle all of these challenges and more, you can trust Zones and Apple. Adopting iPhone and iPad in the public sector makes it easy to overcome every roadblock in front of you. Public safety and inspection personnel can work quickly, confidently, and securely, all on an interface that they know and love. And in Zones, you’ve got a business partner that can help get you up and running fast. Connect with us today, and you’ll find out for yourself.

Check out our website to learn all about how you can incorporate our Apple-powered mobile solutions.

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