The 4 pillars of on-premises data management

The 4 pillars of on-premises data management

Data center transformation is a constant point of emphasis for IT leaders, but that’s especially the case right now. With so many employees today working remotely and using different devices than usual, it’s more challenging than ever for companies to make sure their users have access to their data.

You might think the best way to deliver on this goal is to adopt cloud solutions – but in many cases, this conventional wisdom actually turns out to be incorrect. The reality is, with an on-premises solution for data management, many companies are actually able to get a better handle on their data and drive their employees to be more productive.

On-prem gets a bad rap sometimes. Many IT decision-makers dismiss it as a thing of the past, in the cloud-first era we live in today. But in a way, on-prem is actually the perfect way to address the challenges presented by the modern business world. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

Without further ado, these are the four pillars of on-premises data management:

  • Data-Centric: Organizations today are dealing with explosive amounts of data. Whatever solution you adopt for managing it all, it needs to have the agility to grow as your business grows and keep your data in good hands always. Fortunately, on-prem is data-centric, which means it’s able to handle all workloads, optimize performance and maintain peak efficiency all the while.
  • Intelligent: Your employees are using their data to tackle countless projects simultaneously. That means your data management platform must be able to streamline development, automate workflows, and maximize everyone’s capabilities. Because on-prem is intelligent, that’s not a problem. Automation comes built in, and predictive analytics help you stay one step ahead of any potential challenges.
  • Adaptable: Business processes are constantly changing, especially nowadays. That means you need your data solution to change with them. On-prem is perfect for this – it’s adaptable, which means it’s always able to meet the demands of your ever-evolving business. On-prem will never be the bottleneck that keeps your organization from evolving.
  • Secure: In the modern work environment, you need unified security across every endpoint – even when you have remote workers using personal laptops and mobile devices. Luckily, on-prem is highly secure, with automated protection that will help you enforce consistent policies, even across complex hybrid environments.

At Zones, we have the capabilities to help you make the most of these four pillars. In fact, a Zones data center solution makes the perfect foundation for a complete digital transformation of your business. We recognize that every organization’s transformation journey is different – and that’s why we take the time to work closely with every client, understand their needs and challenges, and design the perfect solution for them. Get in touch with us today, and you could be next.

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